The eyes and ears of advertising. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1

USA. Map of the USA and the world.

American newspapers, headlines.

Studio Alexander, a producer kmnoreklamy in Hollywood.

Cabinet editor discussion.

Advertising scene with the radio receiver includes a young woman, sits in a chair listening to music, the family listens to the radio.

Scheme receiving radio waves.

Workers in the studio at work.

An operator with a camera shoots in a studio advertising.

Discussion layouts.

The scenery for the filming, semkai.

Installation of the footage.

For example, the drawing pen, writing the inscription: "Hardware Monroe" is shown in the label production process animated motion.

Single shooting.

Laboratory on the pasteboard, scroll through the film

SShA.Reklama fortified foods "Vitavosa" in Spanish.

Wheat field, harvest.

The ratio of vitamins and miniralov grain on the scheme.

A woman weighs a boy on the floor scales, prepares him vitaminized food.

Bank to "Vitavosoy" the woman adds milk powder for boys

Key words

US press, advertising, cinema, radio, woman, laboratory US, advertising, children, food

Reel №2

SShA.Reklama domestic refrigerators in French.

A woman feeding a young child, giving a bottle of milk.

She puts vegetables and fruit in the fridge.

Refrigerator company "General Motors"

USA. Advertising on the radio in different languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, Spanish, different products and different products American factories.

Cairo, translational studio speakers at the microphone.

Radio Palestine.

View overlooking the town.

Studio "Norman Anstey."

Children, boy playing in the toy railway.

Advertising clothing and footwear, fashion model demonstrates a dress.

Advertisement chocolate drink

SShA.Ippodrom racing.

A man looks a summary of the races in the newspaper.

Betting on horse racing.

Advertising works bookmaker.

The work at the studio, watching the picture on the pasteboard.

Cigarette Advertising "Umlston", two couples in cafes to smoke these cigarettes.

Refrigerators Advertising Hong Kong.

Advertise women's stockings.

Advertising Cuban drug in Spanish.

Woman in the rain, she catch a cold, lying on the sofa, she is given medication "O.K.Gomes fee".

Three girls are smiling, holding hands in the capsule of the drug.

Studio, reels with rolls sent to cinemas.

Woman looking magazines.

The announcer reads the text in the studio.

Combined frame with the eyes and ears of people

Key words

US, advertising, women, children, food US, advertising, radio, ethnicity, food industry, city, children, toys, fashion USA, racecourse, advertising, movies, women, natural phenomena, medicine