Walk around Madrid. (1942)

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Director: Fric Kramp /Fritz Kramp/

Operators: K.Envander

Reel №1


Madrid, view of the city and its attractions.

The building of the university, the Pantheon in honor of the students who died during the revolutionary action.

Sights of the city, its streets.

sculpture of the goddess who rides in a carriage drawn by two lions.

The fountain with sculptures of angels pouring water from a jug.

Cafe on the street, sit at the tables visitors.

Passers-by on the street, women in black veils.

Tram tracks crossing the area, stopping under the awning.

Beautiful house with rich decorations.

The traffic controller in a helmet manages traffic.

View of the street from the cafe.

At a table with a man signs a postcard view of the city


Royal Palace of openwork lattice.

Museo del Prado, at the entrance seated statue of Velasquez.

Paintings by Spanish artists in the museum.

The National Library, a cabinet of curiosities.

Vintage pyatiarochnye gates.

Cafe on the street, a girl drinks juice, the other looks in the mirror.

Entrance to the city park.

Walk women and children, on the pond and ride in boats.

On-site children play sports.

Girl buys wafers.

Children on bicycles, children swinging on the tree, the boy plays with Gyroscope

Platstsa Qala.

The man reading the newspaper "Arriba", sitting at a cafe table.

Shining shoes at work.

Boy offers passers-by to buy birds.

She buys tickets.

Parking carts, horse-drawn cabs awaiting passengers.

Street Puerta del Sol, the movement on it by tram.

Square Plaza Mayor ensemble of the 17th century.

Equestrian monument.

Passers sit on stupnkah, near the fountain.

Arched gallery.

Selling newspapers on the street, Tray with walnuts, running shoe shiner, Ulin photographer takes tourists.

The old quarters of Madrid.

The street marching boys Phalangists in shape.

Vegetable market buyers.

Street performers showing focus with rings.

Triumphal Arch.

Plaza de Toros, the subway.

A crowd of people in front of the stadium, Patrol Mounted Police.

Sale of cigarettes, water, paper fans.

Entrance to the stadium for the bullfight.

Poster to bullfighter, April 1942



Evening Madrid.

Visitors to the pub drinking wine, playing cards.

Burning lights on the street, illuminated advertising.

Woman performs Spanish dance for the visitors of the restaurant.

City at dusk

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