Autarky in the mountain village. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Uljrih Kajzer /Ulrich Kauser/

Operators: V.R.Lah,K.Kurcmajer

Reel №1


The mountains in the snow, alpine village in the mountains.

Farmers for household occupations: a man takes a horse, rides in a cart.

A woman washes in a vat.

A woman carries a child in a wagon.

The farmer mows the grass, the women knit bundles.

Farmers sawing fir tree falls down.

Sawmill working on a water wheel power.

The construction of the house.

Children removed the stones on the shore.

Inside view of the farm house, a bedroom, a carved cabinet.

Wizard cuts through the tree.

Women spun yarn in the room.

Peasant women in the field of flax harvested, treated him.

Male weaver Grooming machine.

The woman opens the closet, pulls out clothes, helping her daughter get dressed, tying her apron.

Sheep shearing with special scissors.

Woman milking a cow.

Fireside, over which the hostess cooks dinner in the boiler.

She weaves a hat of straw

Key words

Austria, farmers, crafts, household appliances, landscaping, construction, hobbies, family, children, women

Reel №2


She finished putting on her hat, goes to her friends, they sing a folk song for accordion.

PNRM. the mountains.

Farmers mow a meadow.

Hay harvested in the barn.

Watermill, spinning wheel, is threshing grain.

A woman pulls out of the oven bread.

A large family is at the table.

The women spun yarn, flax discourage sticks.

The boy cleans a horse.

Girls help their mothers: wash clothes at the source, take care of younger children


Wedding ceremony in the village.

Folk Orchestra plays at the balcony of the house.

Comes carriage with the groom.

The road is blocked by a crowd of Birmingham, demanding ransom.

The groom gives the bride shoes.

Moving carriage with the bride's dowry: bed, linens, pillows.

Wedding procession, people go in pairs, they are met by Malchik and girl presented with flowers.

The hostess cut a celebratory cake, gives guests


Plowing horses.

The ceremony of baptism of children.

Woman spinning yarn, a cradle with a baby at her side.

All family farmers are on the field, the children collected spikelets.

Goes WHO sena.

PNRM. on the terrain, the mountains in the snow

Key words

Austria, farmers, mountain, family, children, food, mill, women, crafts, animals, pets, musical instruments, music, youth Austria, peasants, wedding, youth, festival, people, children, flowers, orchestra Austria, peasants, pets, children, women, crafts, family, food, mountains, natural phenomena