District ... and Bayreuth. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Otto Trippelj /Otto Trippel/

Operators: Otto Trippel / Otto Trippel/

Reel №1


Map of Germany with the river Main and its tributaries Vicente, Pegnitz.

City of Nuremberg, Bamberg, Bayroyt.

PNRM. the cities and forests.

Ancient towns and villages.

Along the path are women with baskets behind.

On the hill stands the church.

The farmer is a cart pulled volami.

PNRM. for the city in the valley.

On the castle hill.

On the wooden bridge is a woman with a basket on his shoulders and the child.

Residents of the daily activities.

Mountain gorges, cliffs, climbers climb up the hill.

Dam, fast flowing rivers with rapids, paddle kayak the rapids.

A shepherd leads a flock of sheep.

The bus arrives at the old town.

Tourists looking at old krepost.

PNRM. by regions with an elevated point.

The resort town.

Factory for the production of wine.

On the front of the bottle of wine, a woman pours the wine by the glass


Tourists enter the bus into town.

wedding procession leaves from the church.

Wedding ceremony with coins.

People in national costumes at the wedding table.

City somersault.

German Renaissance architecture.

The castle, its decorations, columns, arches.

The street goes wagon with barrels.

Bus moving on the highway.

Pointer to Bayreuth.

Types of city traffic.

Opera House, the Palace.

House of Richard Wagner, the composer's bust.

Concert Hall Wagner.

Well-dressed people going to Wagner festival.

Wagner Museum, the bust of his shelves with exhibits, a piano, a woman picks up a note, puts on a music stand.

Castle Park and The Hermitage.

Fountain with sculptures, cascades of water.


PNRM surroundings. in the woods, a deer in the forest

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