Reflexes in plants. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Uljrih K.T.Shuljc,Voljfram Yunhans

Operators: Valjter Suhner

Reel №1


Tsaytrafernaya shooting: flowers bloom.

The man breathes air vibrations from breathing.

Flower also breathes air.

Various plant response to various pathogens.

By turtle tray lamp, fire it removes the head into its shell.

Blowtorch bring to flower, it also shrinks from the fire.

Burning match the flower, he cringes.

The impact of sound waves on plant experience.

On the windowsill in a pot grow camellias, they were lighter tray, flowers lowered head.

lupine sprouts ascend.

Experiment with a specially designed device for rotating the pot with flowers.

After stopping the flowers begin to straighten.

Effects of light on plants, they turn toward the light

Key words

Germany, flowers, science, research, animals

Reel №2


Plants turn to the light.

The behavior of plants at different times of the day on a background of moving the clock hands.

Plant with tendrils that move, and finding support, wrapped around her.

Experiments with leaves of mimosa.

The leaves are closed for any effect on them.

A branch of mimosa in a glass case, it is treated with ether vapor.

The leaves are no longer respond to stimuli.

The impact power plants which fix the device

Key words

Germany, plant, science, research, flowers