Horses of the Vercors. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Zhaklin Odri /Jacgueline Audry/

Operators: Andre Tomas,Anri Alekan

Reel №1


Hackney of Vercors.

Horses grazing on the waterlogged meadow.

Tabunscic horse.

Using horses plowing on horseback, riding in a carriage on horseback, carrying hay.

Horses grazing in a meadow.

Horses with foals.

On the neck of the horse's bell, so that it does not get lost.

Girl on a horse looking for a missing foal finds him.

Overcast in the evening, a flash of lightning.

In the horse-breeding farm horses are kept in a pen.

Hanging on the wall of the harness.

Dressage young horse.

Several people are pulling the horse on the rope, she sees.

Catch the horse using a lasso, strenozhat horse, put on her seat.

Horse pulling a man on the ground, assistant grabs the horse by the tail.

Horses tied to the fence

Key words

France, farm animals pets, women, natural phenomena

Reel №2


Delivery of horses Vercors France.

The herd is carried out across the meadow, through the village.

Horses on the road, accompanying them with hay wagons.

Pass over the bridge.

Evening camp, conductors sitting around the campfire.

Foals removed from the truck to the mares, they feed them.

The herd passes through the town on its streets, the horses drink from the speakers.

Spend horses past the church, on mountain trails, the alpine meadows.

The neighing of horses

Key words

France, farm, animals domestic, church