The Power plant. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Voljfram Yunhane /Woltfram Jinghans/

Operators: Paulj Krin,Valjter Suhner

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Flowers are blooming.

The incision in the stalk, cut the stem.

Meadow with flowers, wheat.

The strength of the resistance of various plants mehinicheskim influence.

Experience: to cut stems plant tied the cup, put weights, stem breaks only at 2.5 kg.

Growth pumpkin plant tendrils cling to neighboring plants.

Pumpkin hanging on a tree.

Various forces, prisoners in plants: the suction force in the roots of plants.

Experience: the plant on a pedestal draws water from the bowl.

the pressure force with which the seeds of the plants break through the layer of the earth.

From the earth sprout sprouts together, raising the soil layers, stones.

Experiment with plant shoots, they covered with glass, shoots dumped him.

In the glass put the goods, but it also shed germs.

Lily grows.

Per pot knotted several foil layers, but sprouts foil punched in different places.

The growth of fungi in the forest from the ground.

The seeds of peas, soaked in water and placed in a bottle, swell and break the bottle / tseytraffernaya shooting /.

The plant, sucking the juices of other plants

Key words

Germany, flowers, plants, science, research, forest