Our Heritage (1 series). (1930 - 1939)

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Indian ancient rock temples, Chaiten.

Ornaments and reliefs on the walls of the temple.

On the outer side of the rock carved pattern.

It depicts a multilevel building, an imitation of the outside architecture, typical of the rock temples.

Buddha statue.

The bas-reliefs with scenes from the "Mahabharata", statues of gods and goddesses.

The medieval temple in Ellora Kailasa temple, carved out of the rock with all its figures and decorative ornaments, unique in size and power.

Ellora is a place of huge accumulations of rock temples.

Temple pagoda in Madras.

Coastal temple Mahabalipuram in the 8th century.

Felled model of the rock churches, the so-called ratha.

Sculptures bull Nandi, dedicated to Shiva.

Temple Tangore.

The famous Shiva temple, typical of medieval craftsmen.

Two of the largest medieval center in India is in Orissa Bhubaneswar and Khajuraho in Bundelkhand.

The city of Puri is famous temple of Jagannath.

Surya Temple / sun god / Kanarake in the 12th century is now an impressive ruin.

The temple building with huge wheels on the exterior wall meets mitfologicheskim representation of the sun chariot pulled by giant horses.

One of the oldest temples in Khajuraho, the temple Kandariya Mahadev /1000g./,izvestny his frank erotic images.

Temple with fgurnymi ornaments.

The bas-reliefs telling about an epic battle with the demons

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India, sightseeing, temple, sculpture, monuments, mountains

Reel №2


Images terrible demons.

The famous gallery-corridor with columns in the temple Pramishbaram, columns decorated with sculptures.

Muslim conquerors contributed to the development of Indian culture.

Mohammad commander circulated Muslim rule in India.

Sultan appear independent principality with their capitals.

There are many places of worship, especially mosques and minarets, tombs and mausoleums.

Temple pond gold lilies, are steps to water them down believers.

The famous column in the form of pipes, which sound of the wind, when touched emit sounds of different heights

Key words

India, religion, temple, monuments, sculptures, population, military leaders, personalities