Sheep farming in France. (1942)

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Director: G.Shipulle /H.Schipulle/

Operators: B.Yuppe,O.Lantshner

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Ovtsevedcheskaya farm in Rambouillet.

Shepherd with flock of sheep.

Castle in Rambouillet, walls, turrets at the corners.

Sculptural shapes: a girl with a deer, the deer.

Lake in the park, by the lake flock.

A pointer to the economy.

The gate drives a cart with hay, a man leading a horse by the bridle.

Sheep Merino exported in the last century from Spain, from Africa.

Figure musk ox, brought to Europe.

Figures merino sheep.

Different breeds of sheep close up muzzle.

Sheep with yagnyatami.obraztsovye crib.

Hay is discharged onto a conveyor.

Sheep eating hay in the barn.

Sheep with newborn lamb, she licks the calf.

On the backs of color numbers.

In the laboratory, weighed lamb is recorded in the journal, put the number on the back.

Man milking a sheep in a lab conduct chemical research of milk


Hang wool samples since 1786.

Marketplace for the sale of sheep.

Buyers inspect the teeth, the wool of sheep.

School that prepares specialists in sheep breeding.

Teachers with the students, veterinarians, shows the internal organs of a sheep.

Shepherd Learning to protect the sheep.

Dogs running around the flock.

Without giving a running start.

The sheep give birth in the corral, sheep dog jump over the fence.

Shearing sheep wool elektromashinkoy.

Curled hair weighed.

Shop for wool processing.

Spinning, winding onto bobbins.

Weaving mill, women working for the machines.

Atelier, knitted cuts out and sew items.

A model wearing a sweater of wool, in a fur coat.

graze sheep

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