Cité - the birth place of Paris. (1942)

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Director: Shana Rene. Chanas Rene

Operators: Montazelj Pjer. Montazel Pierre


The film was shot in the Cite (in the basement of Troyes Maya), in the cellars of the Palace of Justice, the revolutionary period - the Museum Grevin and the Conciergerie. Documents taken from the state archives. Ile de la Cite in the engraving on the Paris map. on Sakrekёr view. History of Ile de la Cite in the Seine River, which became the center of Paris, with the Gallic era. Old Lu the era of Roman rule. Map of Gaul. The invasions of Goths, Attila, the Normans (in diagrams, maps, pictures, animations). The history of Notre Dame. Start Construction of Notre Dame - in 1163 when Philip Augustus. Types of Notre Dame. His scheme. Portals, facades, bas-reliefs, sculpted jewelry

Reel №1

Key words

France, art, history, architecture, Paris attractions

Reel №2

Architectural detail of Notre Dame - a masterpiece of the XIII century.

Construction in 1246 under Louis IX church Sainte Chapelle.

Types of Sainte-Chapelle - a masterpiece of Gothic art.


France during the Hundred Years War.

Construction of the Bastille.

France under Charles VI, Jeanne d` Arc era.

The growth of Paris.

University Quarter.

Streets, houses, buildings (engraving).

Grand and Petit Chatelet (story engravings).

Hotel de Ville.

Place de Greve (engraving)

Key words

France, Paris, attractions, history, architecture, art

Reel №3

Hotel de Ville (history).

Several ancient streets of the Cite.

Construction of the Notre Dame Bridge.

Bridges of Paris.

Palace of Justice.

New Bridge (engraving).

History of the building.

Statue of Henry IV. Paris under Louis XIV, XV, XVI. The revolution of 1789 paintings and engravings of artists.


View of the modern Cité, the Seine.

Children playing on the waterfront.

Motor boat on the river passes.

Sights of the city.

Ringing with Notre Dame

Key words

France, Paris, history, sights, art, painting, river