Under the sign of Manruny. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: F.D.Gartmann /F.D.Hartmann/

Operators: Erih Mencelj,Adoljf Kalj

Reel №1


The history of pharmacy business and its development from ancient times.

Sign Manruny-old German sign, meaning "help".

PNRM. the mountains and forests.

Meadow with grass and flowers, the child lying on the grass.

The old man smoking a pipe outside the house.

Women collected in the grass bag in the woods.

Modern pharmacy with a laboratory.

Retort with a solution bottle with chemicals.

Pharmacist holding scales, weighing the powder, lays on bags.

A woman receives a bottle of medicine


In the area are the archaeological work.

Archaeologist finds an old pitcher signed Manruny.

Countryside, flowering plants.

Table with the names of medicinal plants.

The ancient castle in the park with pointed arches, a gallery, a fountain in the courtyard.

City pharmacy, Wall forged signboard with the name.

By pharmacy pulls open car with a young woman, she comes to the pharmacy, he takes a prescription.

Old pharmacist, seeing her interest to the interior of the old pharmacy, tells her story of pharmacy affairs.

Glass cabinet with beautiful antique bottles.

The picture on the wall overlooking the old pharmacy, the picture is "alive".

Former lab, manufacturing of infusions in the boiler.

Pharmacy gentlemen come in doublets, check the pharmacy work.

Bust Justus Liebig and his book "Annals.

Chemistry ", pages of a book.

Ceramic plate with the image of the lady and the gentleman in ancient costumes.

Hand holds a bottle of morphine.

Photos old pharmacy, it is in the present.

Woman listening to a story, and then receives the medicine and goes.

Various pharmacy in the city of signage and decoration.

Key words

Germany, plant, medicine, wood, women, Laboratory, mountain Germany, archaeologists, farmers, plant, medicine, museum, personalities, photo, women, castle, Gos.simvolika, literature

Reel №2


The visitor enters the pharmacy with a prescription, he is asked to wait.

Pharmacist preparing medication in the laboratory.

Basement with large drugstore shelves, in boxes which are a variety of drugs.

Pharmacist gets powder weighing.

From the refrigerator pharmacist pulls out a bottle of medicine from diphtheria.

He goes to the manager, please send a request to the pharmaceutical factory.

Industrial production of medicines in the factory, operates an automated line.

Packeted tablets, ampoules.

"Hageda" company machines carry about medicines to pharmacies.

End of the pharmacy business day.

One of the staff is on night duty.

Doctor in the house of the patient, he writes a prescription, the man with the prescription to a pharmacy in a hurry, pressing the call button.

Pharmacist preparing medicine

Key words

Germany, medicine, medical industry, household appliances, workers, plants