Hurry Slowly. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Uljrih K.E.Shuljc,Voljfram Yunghans

Operators: P.Krin,B.Yuppe,K.Mala

Reel №1


An analysis of the nature of the various movements zhivotnyh.zoopark, polar bears jump into the pond from the hill.

Cat jumping from a height, lands on four paws and runs across the grass.

Hurtling across the steppe wolf.

From the water jumps seal, the second jumping in the water, splashing.

Seal moves on land undulating movements.

Bear climbs a tree.

On the ground crawling tortoise.

Mountain goats jumping over rocks.

Movement shells, shell valves are opened.

Movement of plants under water.

Expands the shell, snails crawling with sink on the back.

Horse racing on horseback through the barriers.

Beach, snail crawling on the sand.

Movement of people floating.

Swim fish, stingray, stingray close-up head, his movements.

Fish moves along the bottom with the help of tentacles, movement seahorses.

From the shore into the water jumping frogs, swim under water.

Ostriches are running across the savannah, dancing ostriches.

Butterflies flutter over the flowers, beetle crawling on a tree.

Bat hanging upside down on a branch, flying.

Bat eating, hanging upside down.

Colonies of birds on the island of Helgoland.

Thousands of birds in flight.

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Key words

Germany, animals, birds, insects, science, research, fish, savanna, plants, zoo