Ship at the front. (1942)

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Airport, Queen Elena accompanies the spouse of King Mihai and the prime minister Antonescu on the eastern front.

They were accompanied by General Gerstenberg.

They are in an airplane, seen from an airplane: the river, the bridges, the city.


At the airport distinguished guests met with Generals Dumitrescu, fantasy.

A trip by car to the city, the factory occupied city landscapes.

The command post, the officers lined up in a row, the king shaking hands with them.

The operator removes the meeting.

King and Prime Minister go to the airport, accompanied by truckloads of soldiers.

Tank units in the village.

Mihai Antonescu and inspect tanks.

Cavalry in formation, parade before the king.

motorcade rides along the seafront.

The soldier raises the barrier

THE USSR. The plane sent to Simferopol.

King Mihai Antonescu and fantasy in an airplane, looking out the window.

A view of the city from above, landing.

Their generals vtsrechayut Manoliu and Hansen.

Bypass honor guard


motorcade sent to Sevastopol.

Military Cemetery, the delegation lays a wreath.

On the way there are Ustashi / Romanian nationalists /.

Fort "Maxim Gorky", the system of fortifications.

The delegation included the hill, it overlooks the surrounding countryside.

The forts on the coast.

General Hansen tells the king about the battle which took place here.

On the ground lies abandoned Sovestky ammunition, gas masks.

Broken bunkers with guns.

Inspect the heavy gun.

Walk on the fort.

Enter the castle, visiting the bunker.

Cars go round the place of fighting.

Destruction, bare rocks.

The car rides on the coast, heading for the city.

The ruins of buildings in Sevastopol, a monument.

In the ranks, Romanian and German troops.

General Manoliu at the monument in Sevastopol.

View of the city from afar.


Staff of the Romanian Army

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