Girls leave the city. (1940)

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Director: Hajnc-German Shverdtfeljd

Operators: Erihgans Ferster

Reel №1


Life German girls at a summer camp located in occupied Poland, where they are taught household.

The girls come with suitcases on the train.

Dispatched from Hamburg in Alsace.

The train comes, close-up wheels, rails.

Come to the place.

Try on a form, undergo a medical examination


Morning exercises, running through the woods.

Classes with the ball.

Lake house.

Girls chorus.

A flag with a swastika.

Girls washing floors, windows, stairs.

The dining room, cook dinner, set the table.

Get up at the same time.

Work in the garden, planting plants, digging, watering.

On the terrace at the table talking to a girl


Girls on bikes riding in the city.

At the river wash clothes.

Working with children.

Work on the farm, then say goodbye to the hosts

Key words

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Reel №2


On the bike ride back through the village.

Announcement: Sunday excursion.

Go with the singing of the village, ancient streets, the girls go with bouquets.

Meeting with the girls from the other camp.

They drink tea, exchanged addresses.

Comes postman handing out letters


The camp residents come to town on a cart bags.

Local cemetery, a monument to those who died September 6, 1939.

Family Monument.

The graves of the German soldiers, crosses, swastikas, on the same date - September 1939



Go with braids, wheat mowed, the mower is moving.

Girls knit bundles, collect them in a stack.

Work with children, swings, play in the sand.

They teach adults to read and write


Rest, dancing.

Girls playing on skipkah.

At a long table with the locals.

Games in the air bags in the running


A flag with a swastika.

German girl - at the telephone exchange, in the laboratory, hospital, factory

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