On their own. (1941)

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Director: Gyunter Salje /Gunther Salje/

Reel №1


About the German industry.

Combined footage showing the labor of the workers and peasants and their remuneration.

People go to work, celebrate tabeli.rabochie processes: coal miners are drilled, peasants plow, workers working on the machines, laid rails, women sew on machines, machines for the weavers, the woman in the laboratory, at the post office, etc.

Shop factory, working machines, is a red-hot metal, spinning wheels, gears, levers.

There is a train, flying aircraft


Food on the table.

For sale on the market of fruits and vegetables, flowers and berries.

The shop windows with furniture, clothing, footwear, cosmetics, watches.

Flowers in a vase, a bottle of perfume.

On the table a tea set, bottle of wine, cake.

Industry gives workers job and the salary received by the expense or the savings bank.

Plants and factories, agricultural work.

Money: banknotes and coins.

Pay at the factory, the worker receives the money in an envelope.

From the bag into coins, banknotes counting 1000 brands.

Labour books, coins lie on them.

Driving circulation of money, goods, labor in the national economy.

Figures US reparations to extort money from Germany

Key words

Germany, workers, miners, industry, farmers, women Germany, food, trade, work, money, industry

Reel №2


Dofashistskoy situation in Germany, the rise in unemployment, the economic crisis in the chart.

The dislocation in the economy.

Unemployed at the walls of the plant.

Issuance dtrudovyh books unemployed.

Plants and factories are destroyed shops, dusty machines.

Residents collect coal in dumps for itself.

Sitting man with her hands


Start the new works with the coming to power of the Nazis.

Hitler with a shovel in his hand in the construction, announces the beginning of work.

Workers digging the ground, go trolleys.

Smoke from pipe factories.

New housing factories, the swastika on the wall.

The growth of the country's income.

The growth of armaments.

Military factories working for the Wehrmacht, the production of tanks, airplanes, submarines, missiles and guns

Key words

Germany, industry, work, unemployment, the unemployed, the population, the destruction of Germany, the population, the workers, the Nazis, Hitler, building, military industry, tanks, air force, weapons