What frightens women. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Anton Rutting

Reel №1


Game scene, a woman drinking tea and a gazebo.

One knits.

A ball falls to the floor, rolling.

myschka gets out and runs to tangle from a hole in the wall.

Women notice the mouse, scared and jumps up.

The mouse runs into the hole.

Women calm


Rats and mice, eating a variety of foods.

Mouse drinking milk left in the cup.

Man opens an old suitcase in a trash him from things Gnawed book and mouse.

The junk drawer among mouse nest.

Means of struggle against rodents: mousetrap, cat.

Rodents pests of agriculture.

Mouse climbs the stalk, corn nibbles.

The sloping field, there are stacks

Key words

Germany, woman, women, animals, theater animals

Reel №2


Field mice.

Mouse nests and burrows underground.

A pair of mice chewing on corn in the hole, make inventories.

Mouse in the grass, eating berries.

A mouse crawling on tree branch.

Winter forest.

Human Hand sniamet straw layer underneath fallen into hibernation gopher.

The arrival of spring.

Gophers wake up, find last year's apples, bite them.

Mounds of earth on the field from the mole.

Moles underground, climb on the underground passage, gets out.

Bat on a tree trunk, a mouse hanging on a rope, flying.

The women at the table, listening to the story of the mice breathe a sigh of relief

Key words

Germany, women, animals