America and England everywhere. (1940 - 1949)

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USA. Agriculture everywhere.

In the coming processor, a special device compresses the hay bales and resets to the ground.

Two women are suitable for men near the tractor, talking.

A man shows them a military order he had received.

Harvesting in the gardens.

Youth gathers with fruit trees.

Driven basket with coffee, pour it into the huge cylinders.

Fruits were being taken to the processing plant.

Women pass the apples on the base, get money for it.

Production of compotes and fruit preserves.

Cleaning grain harvester.

Farmers carry bundles ears folded stack

Brazil City.

People in the area welcomed the President of the Republic Vardesa, he goes through the crowd showered him with flower petals.

Washington, the official building.

Meeting of the International Commission of Brazil.

Map of the world, the line from the African Dakar to Brazil, oceanfront.

Exports of coffee from Brazil.

During inflation of coffee burn huge piles.

Workshop for manufacturing shells.

Demonstration of the population.

Kafederalny Cathedral, its ruins after the bombing.

British journalists and the military at the ruins.

Coastal Battery.

The emblem of the Brazilian army.

American influence in Brazil.

Marching troops with the American flag.

Mass presentation at the stadium, the soldiers lined up in the shape of a star on the field.

Presentation of diplomas to graduates of military schools.

The form stripes.

Military airport in Brazil, the pilots sit in the aircraft take off.

Military headquarters.

Merchant fleet in Brazil.

Port, ships are from different countries.

Patrol boats with guns on board.

The landing with landing barges - tanks, infantry.

The landing of British troops.

The squadron in the sea.

Aircraft over the ships.

The landing of the Allies, the US soldiers ran to the shore.

Jungle, a military camp.

American planes - "flying fortress".

The rise of the US Navy in the camp.

Meeting with British troops

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