On the valley of the mountains!. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Kurt Engelj

Operators: Fric Leman

Reel №1


Couple of young people walking along a path in the mountains they climb the hill.

PNRM. the forests and mountains of the Sudetenland.

On a hill visible church steeple.

The resort town Karlebunne.

Pavilion with miniralnoy water, she pours it into cups and gives vacationers.

The shop windows.

In his hand a souvenir - metal flower with a picture of an ancient tower.

Products exhibited at the show: cutlery, napkins, decanter, glasses, wooden boxes.

Artisans boxes.

Wizard carves wooden box, the boy makes finished products in the room where the children paint their designs.

Girls in national dresses at the church.

The villages of the Sudetenland.

The cart pulled by a cow.

View of the valley from the village.

Women wash clothes in the river.

Sanatorium, receiving medical treatment.

Sister swathes of patient sheets and blanket.

On the wall is a portrait of scientist Johannes Schlote.

Bust Vinsenttsa.

Holidaymakers in the park.

PNRM. the valley.

Church clock tower.

Chapel on the road.

Glass bottle, inside the toy scene with the girl at the loom.

Weaving factory, machinery, finished cloth.

Opal City, traffic.

Old streets, churches

Key words

Germany, youth, city, resort, women, river, recreation, park, attractions, church, wood, crafts, trade, toys, medicine

Reel №2


A man with a cow goes to the house.

The area to the river.

On the road traveling carriage drawn by cows.

Grazing cows.

Ploughing on a cow.

Rural feast.

Dancing on a meadow in national costumes.

Young people dancing in pairs with handkerchiefs, and then with a wooden spoon.

Sculpture - folk dance.

City Neustadt.

Man on a viewing platform looking into the square below.

People walk in the shadow of the arched galleries.

Showcase store, men's hats from felt.

Factory for the production of felt hats.

Production of felt, wool production processes.

Felt put on the form, separately manufactured crown, finished hats.

Towns and Villages: Shtralemberg, church, fountain.

Castle on the hill.

Coat of Goldenstein, Schöneberg, Sternberg.

Domes of the church square.

Women in traditional costumes, original hats.

Coat of arms of the city of Zwickau.

Sights of the city.

Fields with a beveled bread.

A peasant with a scythe, in the courtyard of the cattle, poultry.

Go girls in national costumes, folk dances

Key words

Germany, city attractions, peasants, hobbies, youth, festivals, entertainment, industry, light, fountain, castle, Gos.simvolika, women, fashion, birds, river, sculpture