The charm of the Black Forest. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Zepp Aljgajer /Sepp Allgeier/

Operators: Zepp Aljgajer /Sepp Allgeier/

Reel №1


Pezazhi Black Forest.

The wind bends the branches of trees.

In nature, feel the coming of spring, dripping icicles, running streams, the first flowers appear.

Start the field work.

The farmer opens the dam, the water goes to the field.

Water wheel, which generates electricity.

Plowing, plow the earth explodes.

In the yard swarmed pig woman feeding chickens.

Girls in national costumes tearing flowers.

Children go to school.

Girl at the table eating bread and honey.

Hayfield in the field, women carry the sheaves.

Women and children collect hay piled in carts drawn by bull


Rural holiday in Freysburge.

On the tree attached carved in wood composition: some figures in a circle.

Pointer to Glotterbad.

Farmers bear grapes.

Wooden sculpture of a peasant.

People marching in traditional costumes.

Women's hats from different areas.

Girls go with flowers and garlands.

Hats of colors.

Playing folk orchestra, folk dances in the square.

Shepherd plays on a pipe, grazing goats, two goats butting.

Loggers felled trees, logs descend down the hill.

Bulls carry the logs to the sawmill.

The logs are sawn into boards.

Women bake bread, vegetables carry.

Shepherd with cows.

Autumn leaf fall.

Watching the old man and the old woman.

There comes winter, snow on trees, on the houses in the village.

Children look out the window.

The house is heated with an oven, a woman bakes bread.


Women spun, men engaged in wood carving.

Wizard carves spoons, bowls, ladles, figurines, ornaments.

The old man makes products from bast wife sews shoes from bast.

Children go to school to ski through the woods, they saw the deer.

Villagers ride on skis.

The village in the snow

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