Andalusia. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1

The farmer tills the soil on the buffalo.

Windmill, spinning her wings. surpasses shepherd a flock of sheep, the women gather grapes.

View of the city of Seville, the city streets.

A man rides a donkey, the other carries on itself a two-wheeled cart.

Passers-by, street vendors, shop signs.

Gen. residents.

Palaces of Seville, a beautiful home with arches, spiers, cathedral.

On the belfry bell tolls.

People come out of the church.

The fortress wall with battlements, a large cross.

Alcazar Palace, the 14th century, its decor, decorated with arches, courtyard.

Palace View inside.

Park with trees, cut into various forms.

The road to Malaga, PNRM. the city of Ronda.

The ruins of the castle and house on high cliffs.

in the area from a hill view.

Style buildings on the rocks, white houses, windows carved lattices, balconies.

Girls in national costumes.

everyday scenes

Key words

Spain, the peasants, the cathedral, the palace, the castle, the ruins, architecture

Reel №2

The old church in Ronda, vane on the spire of the church.

Old buildings, Bastion.

Slowly march with baggage donkeys.

Measured life of the town.

A man with a horse and foal.

On a donkey sitting dog.

Kitten on the road, against the wall, looking out of the door.

Trader, women engaged in spinning in the street.

siesta time sleeping man, the empty streets.

Cattle ranch Del Monte, where take bulls for bullfighting.

Cows in a pen, they are driven pastoralists.

Bull in the paddock.

Preparation bull bullfighting, bullfighter working out of action.

Bullfighting in the city, are the spectators, among them soldiers.

In the arena leaves a matador on horseback, bull runs around the arena, with the torero cape.

The reaction of the audience at the event.

Bull bullfighter to hook on horns, it distracting.

The audience waved their handkerchiefs, bull runs after the horse.

Toreador bows to the audience

Key words

Spain, domestic animals, church, entertainment, people