Danube from the Black Forest to Vienna (1930-1939)

Footage №66509, 2 parts, black-white
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Director:Otto Trippelj /Otto Trippel/

Reel №1


Map of Germany with the Danube, Ulm, Passau, Linz, Vienna.

The landscapes of the country, mountains, forests and valleys.

The village in the upper reaches of the Danube.

Peasant house, a man leads a cow, harnessed to a cart.

The mountain river fast.

Waterwheel mill.

Children walk barefoot through the water.

Landscapes with fields.

There is a train, a car passes through a tunnel in the rocks.

On the bridge is a pair.

Views of the city of Ulm.

Sights of the city.

The old Gothic cathedral, view from the window on the streets and squares.

Chimera on the wall of the cathedral.

Far see the river with bridges.

On the Danube sailing canoes, a large boat with people.

The movement of the river, its banks, twists and turns.

On the hill, the castle is visible.

City Regensburg, view of the cathedral and the bridge-aqueduct.

Sculpture: on the pole figure of a naked young man sitting, looking away from his hands.

Gothic cathedral, the sculptures on the walls, the decor.

From the height of the Cathedral view of the rooftops, the river.

On the hill, a majestic building with columns and stone staircases in antique style.

Tourists watching from the site of the city


The city of Passau, the top view of the river, the bridge and the city.

Gothic cathedral.

Baroque Fountain.

Interior view of the Cathedral, the organ, its structure, the organist plays the instrument hearers.

View of the city by the river.

On the Danube go court.

Tourist steamer deck with tables, people drink coffee, eat sweets.

City of Linz, the overall look.

Historic area, on the one hand there are cars on the other market stalls, the crowd on the square named Adolf Hitler.

Stela depicting the sun.

steamer pipe is laid, to pass under the bridge.

Tourists on the deck.

The ancient castle of the 18th century, arch, galerei.

PNRM. around town.

Girl photographs from the shore.

The ship sails on.

Go ships, barges.

The old town.

At the well, the woman collects water in a pitcher, is with children

Key words

Germany, city, sightseeing, mountain, forest, farmers, cathedral, church, sculpture, castle, river, bridge mill, tourists
Germany, landmarks, city, bridge, river, music, musical instruments, transport, water, tourists, markets, cars, women, photo, children, sculpture

Reel №2


The tourist boat "Melk".

The ancient city of Melk, baroque palace, suite of rooms, the old library, a huge globe on a stand.

Locks on the banks of the Danube and the city associated with the German epic "Nibelungen" and others.

The village, farmers harvested hay, go with a rake, braids.

City Krenz, narrow old streets.

Two women are back for hay.

Hang the vines at the tavern, people drink wine.

River view from above, floating ship "Franz Schubert", on the deck of the tourists.

Tourists descend on the beach, Alteburg town.

Go girls in national costumes.

Cathedral in the Baroque style and decor.

City Wachau, views of the city.

Town Hall.

Works blacksmith.

Vineyards, farmers harvested grapes in the basket.

Wagon with grapes.

Street cafe, tables to eat grapes and drink wine


City of Vienna, its streets.

Burgtheater, the opera house.

Street traffic intersection.

Houses of Parliament.

Karlekirhe baroque town hall.

Schönbrunn Palace and Park, the fountains with sculptures.


Stephen's Cathedral.

Danube at night, moonlit path

Key words

Germany, the city, attractions, river, water transport, tourists, plants, farmers, women, the cathedral, sculpture, church, recreation
Austria, the city, theater, opera, church, landmarks, Parliament Gos.uchrezhdeniya, park, fountain, sculptures, the cathedral, the river, natural phenomena

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