Hairstyle Time. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Karl G.Lejter /Karl H.Leiter/

Operators: Gans Hajnc Tejer, Adi Majer

Reel №1

Dramatization: cave of primitive man, the man with unkempt mane of hair has a stone, a woman in a fire fish fry.

Men Hamper hair, he breaks off the ridge of fish and secures them a bunch of hair, so to get the first haircut.

The Tower of Babel, the bas-reliefs.

Egyptian pyramids.

Egyptian invoice with a beard with an elastic band.

Egyptian with lush hair, braided in pigtails.

Noble lady with a hat in the shape of a bird.

Greece, a woman in a tunic, her hair under a diadem.

On the bald man painted landscape.

Great lady in the bedroom, her maid combing her hair with lush.

Next Frame: woman clipped, and her hair went to the hairpiece for ladies.

The Middle Ages, castles, fortresses.

Woman takes off from the head of the hoop with artificial long braids.

Women in different hats in the form of caps.

A man in a high cap, wearing a hat, with a bow.

Woman with hair tucked away in the pearl net.

Men and women in little hats and pleated dresses with high collars.

High hair decorated with flowers

Key words

fashion history

Reel №2

At the castle tower sits a girl with a bouquet of flowers on her hat, decorated like a vegetable tops.

Woman in low-cut dress, hair in curls.

The woman in the mirror casts a fly on the face.

Suitable man in a wig with curls.

The maid brings a chair for Madame, she sits down in a wig, to close the veil.

Hairdresser showered with powdered wig.

Women's hairstyles with models of the ship, balloon with stars and feathers.

Jocular image as a lady make a pony, standing on different gun carriages.

Two ladies are sitting on chairs with huge hairstyles servant has to maintain a hairstyle housewife.

Lady Cards wand under the wig head.

Figure guillotine danthron times, Napoleon.

The man in the triangle.

Girl walking in a cap with a huge canopy, to meet her man in a cap with a large visor, he kissed her hand.

Hairstyle Josephine, wife of Napoleon.

Village girl in a bonnet with frills.

1880 Announcement of the ball Sylvester, his face the three men, but with beards and tanks.

A man with a mug of beer in his hand, the foam remains on the beard and mustache.

Special mug with a closed part that allows you to drink, not the stack.

Two women smoke cigarettes.

The man in the mirror mustache curls.

Modern hairstyles.

Girl with bob hair winks at the camera.

Woman under the machine on the head, mechanical rollers.

Woman winds curlers.

Hairstyles stacked waves.

Woman under the veil

Key words

Women, Fortress, flowers, fashion, entertainment