Earthy Living Space. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Ioahim Bartch /Joachim Bartsch/

Reel №1


Types of agricultural work.

Plowing horses, plow cuts into the land.

Farmer with a shovel, hoe.

Harvest potatoes, bread, fruits and vegetables.

Various fruits and vegetables on the shelves of the store, the price tags.

Scientist makes inoculated seedlings in a tree trunk.

Corn harvesting.

Indians harvested cane.

Cleaning coconuts, coffee in Africa.

From bags to the pile poured grain.

Collection of cotton.

Vintage loaded on carts driven.

Loading in port on ships.

Cranes are boxes, bags, barrels.

Astronomers at the observatory looking through a telescope.

Description of the conditions in which people can live.

Driving influence of the Sun on the Earth's surface.

Sunrise on the Earth's surface.

Sunrise, lighting of buildings.

Various disaster occurring on the Earth under the influence of the Sun, Moon.

The 1755 earthquake, in 1906 - a disaster in San Francisco, 1908 disaster in southern Italy in Messina. 1923 in Japan, Tokyo. 1933-Germany.

Temperature variations in the cosmic space.

Our living space, the earth's surface.

Smog in London, people walking on the street.

Germany, people on a sunny day in the street.

Horse drinking from a bucket in the column, drinking man.

Landscapes, flowers grow.

The shape of snowflakes.

Snowfall in the city

Key words

Germany, agriculture, pets, food, trade, port, transportation, water, scientists, Africa, astronomers, disaster, earthquake, plants, natural phenomena

Reel №2


Snowfall in the city, people with umbrellas.

The farmer walks past stacks in the snow.

Snow-covered fields, the snow.

River View.

Silhouettes of buildings in the night, the tower.

Moon in the sky, craters on it.

City view.

Building construction in progress.

Workers raised with the load on Forests, the builder lays bricks.

Workers laid sleepers.

The clock shows noon, lunch at the workers.

The driver is the tram.

The traffic, the workers after work.

Warehouses at the station.

The movement of the train, types of windows.


Key words

Germany, natural phenomena, forest, farmers, city, urban transport, construction, work, vacation, railroad