The value of the German Air Force. (1937)

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Reel №1


Parade of troops on the occasion of the second anniversary of the Wehrmacht.

Troops marching down the street.

Hang banners with swastika flags.

Residents watch the parade.

Generals bypass operation.

Goring takes hits.

Musicians perform demonstrative exercises.

The troops are in a square on the area.

Hitler and Goering bypass the guard troops.

Hitler's speech from the rostrum.

Hitler circumvents formation of soldiers, shakes hands

Airfield "Kismet" in Egypt.

German aircraft after a record flight lands at the Egyptian airport.


Airfield in Salzburg, will start the German gliders.

Woman pilot Hanna Reis, Reis Hanna flight over the Alps.

Types Alps.

Postal aircraft has made a record flight Lisbon to New York.

General aviation Milch and Major General Udet arrive at Paris airport.

Solemn meeting at the airport.

Honor guard, bypassing the soldiers.

Airfield in Zurich: International Summer Competition

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Reel №2


A female pilot Elisa Bach / her name on a plane / she performs aerobatics.

German pilot Guenther Gronhof sits in a glider flight over New York.

View of skyscrapers in New York


The soldiers straightened on the cloth balloons, filling balloons with gas, carry bags with load sand, attach the gondola.


Stadium in the city of Nuremberg.

The parade and maneuvers of Hitler's troops to mark the end of the congress of the Nazi party.

Eternal flame burns in a bowl on a pedestal.

On the wall is a bas-relief: a swastika inside a laurel wreath.

Comes car with Hitler.

Hitler and Goering on the podium.

Ceremonial parade.

Gallops cavalry gun on horse-drawn.

The spectators in the stands clapping.

In the sky flying squadron.

Gunners deploy on the gun and shoot.

Aircraft flying at three, wedge.

Take a look Hitler and Goering.

Wedge field motorcyclists.

The soldiers fired from a gun, machine guns.

On the field, leave the tanks.

The head of the parade on the podium report to Hitler.

Tanks are straight lines on the field, in the sky planes.

Infantry marching ahead znamenonostsy.

In the skies of planes swastika.

Different types of troops, sailors

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Reel №3


Pages German newspapers, which reported a record flight of German aircraft.

Record Yahtmana flight in a glider.

The test flight of the new four-engine passenger plane "Condor".

Plane-dragon / at the airport and in flight /.

Helicopter in flight aboard Hanna Reis


Mussolini's visit to Germany.

On the streets of Mecklenburg hang flags of Italy and Nazi Germany.

Hitler and Goering, Mussolini met at the train station.

Bypass honor guard.

Hitler, Mussolini, Raeder and Italian Marshal Badoglio attend the maneuvers of German troops.

Soldiers in the field disguised branches.

In the sky "enemy" planes.

Go German tanks on the field and shoot.

Hitler and Goering talking.

Mussolini with the officers on the hill.

The field soldiers are.

Mussolini looking through binoculars, standing next to Goering and Marshal Badoglio.

Hitler and Mussolini in a car traveling on the road, they drive through the streets of Essen, the crowded people.

Visit to the Krupp factories.

Hitler and Mussolini at the show visiting German military equipment.

Open car ride through the city.

Hitler and Mussolini ride standing up, welcoming people

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Reel №4


Hitler and Mussolini out of the building.

Are the troops.

Travel by car.

Mussolini visiting Goering in his estate Karenhalle.

Girls give Duce flowers.

Guests of the estate yard talking, walking.

Himmler was talking to a civilian.

Goering shows something Mussolini.

Goering's wife in the circle of women.

All watching lion cub, who freely walks the path.

Goering's wife takes the lion cub in his arms stroking his


Training air-raid warning in Berlin.

You hear air raid alarm.

People are fleeing to the shelter.

Stops transport, abandoned jobs, shops.

Flying airplanes.

People look up at the sky, the Japanese military on the street.

Explosions and fires in the city.

A pointer to the infirmary, combatants are wounded on a stretcher.

Firefighters wearing gas masks dragged hoses, extinguish a fire.

Purify house ruins


Construction Zeppelin "Hindenburg Count" at the plant in Fridrihsgafene.

Hangar, are metal structures.

Record flight to Messerschmidt pilot out of the plane, it rocked in her arms.

Goering generals model looks at Tempelhof Airport.

builders rally at the end of construction.

Bookmark and foundation of Honour on the construction, the text, dated December 4, 1937.

Goering's speech at the rally.

Squadron aircraft takes off into the air.

Quote from a speech by Goring.

The views from the plane

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