The first hose forward. (1940)

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Director: G.Bringer

Operators: Holger Kjeldsen,Gans Nest,E,Erlenkamper

Reel №1


Ringing alarm clock teen in bed, washes, puts Hitler Youth form volunteer fire brigade, runs down the stairs and hurried to the depot.

Squad guys in masks with hoses preparing for departure.

One of the children opens the valve, spray from the hose has a friend and a man of onlookers who hurry to leave.

So the officer in front of him in the form of operational guys fire.

The officer gives the task.

The guys running with hoses to the river, connecting hoses to pump.

Roll in the ranks.

The team sits in the fire engine and rides on the fire.

The second unit collects equipment, unwind hoses on the ground.

Arriving at the place, putting out burning house.

Guys don gas masks and enter the smoky room, extinguish the fire.

Detachment in the ranks, a report to the officer.

Children wash.

The officer leading the operation analysis in the classroom.

Rides Fire Truck to the oil rig

Key words

Germany, young people, the Hitler Youth, teaching, fire, military leaders

Reel №2


The boys pulled the hoses directed at the fire.

The officer shakes hands fire.

On the streets of the city is the tram.

Teenager in the form suited to the house, looks out the window, talking to a woman.

Finger presses the emergency call button.

The duty officer receives a signal notifies members volunteer squads at home and at work.

All throw jobs in a hurry to collect the place.

Check fire engines to the burning house.

It leans against the wall of fire folding stairs, climb on the roof, dropping burning shingles.

After extinguishing the debris removed.

Quick installation, highlighting the work of young firemen, their faces

Key words

Germany, young people, the Hitler Youth, women, fire, city, urban transport, military leaders