12 minutes rhythm (1941)

Footage №66556, 1 part, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Franc Shreder

Reel №1


Rhythm in ancient and modern dances.

The girls from the revue, they go down the stairs in clothes "legionaries".

Minuet in the old hall, men in camisoles, ladies in ball gowns.

The rhythm of the universe: the starry sky, the movement of the planets.

The rhythm of the seasons.

Moon in the sky.

The birds on the branches.

The trees bloom flowers.

Autumn leaf in the forest.

Snow on the trees.

Church, rosette above the entrance.

Interior view, play of light and shadow in the room.

The appearance of the calendar.

Sundial, the flower clock.

Street movement, the rhythm of the big city / Berlin /.

On the street talking two men, one of them pulls out a pocket watch, said the second time.

Watch on a hand of the girl on the tram, she rushes, he jumps out of the tram, running


At 8 am local time.

Runs a man jumping on a tram, opens the paper and reads.

Read newspapers taxi driver waiting at the machine. 10 hours.

The street is a tram.

Promotional stand.

The street is a man, a distributor of lottery tickets in the original cap.

Leaflet advertising with the promise of winning the 104,000 stamps.

Top view of the street with the tram at the intersection.

Under the cheerful song sounds moves the crowd, riding cars.

On the stairs in a hurry fat man with suitcases, but suited to the train, when he hits the road.

The fat man in the hearts tossing bags to the ground, wiping sweat from his forehead.

Sleeping man.

At 3.05 hours, the alarm sounds, the man hides under his blanket.

Once again, the alarm sounds, the man only turns over to the other side.

The alarm rings for the third time, a man wakes up, stands up and smiles


The morning ceremony in the courtyard.

Along the corridor are drummers pounding drums.

From the rooms facing two children in her nightgown.

A priest and a man in a jacket and a wig are on the palace hall, chatting.

Mr. priest shows hourglass turns over them.

The rhythm of the march.

On the streets of marching soldiers of Napoleon's pores.

Marching soldiers Wehrmacht.

Ahead is the orchestra.

Watch the passers-by.

Man make up his pace for the march rhythm.

There is a couple, the girl also changes its pitch

Africa, dancing natives.

Dancing young people in the dance hall, the rhythm of rock 'n' roll.

Sounds Strauss waltz, couple dancing in the ballroom.

Modern ballet, dance to the strains of a waltz on stage.

Ancient dance in two rows.

People Alpine dance with a pole.

Old Mazurka from the floor, circling through the alley, fall and kiss.

The rhythm of the dance is given in the illustrations of the various films: "We dance around the world," "Bal Pare", "Operetta", "Bat", "Easy to pause"

Key words

Germany, natural phenomena, youth, women, the urban transport
Germany, urban transport, advertising, population, natural phenomena
Germany, city, children, priests, soldiers, orchestra, youth, women
music, youth, Africa, art, vacation, natives, cinema

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