Black art Johann Gutenberg. (1940)

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Director: Kurt Rupli /Kurt Rupli/

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Reel №1


The history of printing.

The first printing experiments have been undertaken in the years 1041-48 in China.

Then cut icons written in small cylinders.

Experience in manufacturing such a cylinder is put on it and the pin is rolled over the paper.

The Gutenberg Museum in Mainz samples of the first experiences of printing are stored.

Stone disc with the writing in a spiral.

By 1350 we began to make individual letters of bronze, but they were not used for the printing of books.

Former workshop, Master makes prints on vellum of the pattern element.

While a printed playing cards, card imprint.

Game scene: a group of men playing cards at a table near the tavern, by marching detachment of soldiers with halberds.

Books were written by hand by monks.

monks sitting in the room, write text dictation older


In the 40s of the 15th century Johannes Gutenberg invented the adjustable letter cast of solid metal.

Game scene shop Gutenberg.

The form is filled with molten metal, set of letters in the box.

On the cylinder is pushed letters and make the impression on the paper sheets are dried on a rope

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Reel №2


In the mid-15th century in Mainz Gutenberg printed the so-called 42-line Bible - the first full volume printed edition in Europe, recognized as a masterpiece of early printing.

The text and drawings in the Gutenberg Bible.

The workshop, the printing press.

The text chronicles the times of Kaiser Maximilian.

City of Mainz, it kinds.

Gutenberg Museum, a monument to pioneer.

Dates lifetime famous authors: 1753 - François Marie Voltaire, 1763 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1824 - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Antique prints with views of the city.

Houses and a church.

Death alone Gutenberg in Mainz


Map of Europe, the flowering of printing and distributing it around the world.

Game scenes: In the courtyard of the castle are on the table books, they are considered gentlemen, come two women, too, are taking a book in his hands.

A monk walks past men who are looking at a picture of the Fall of Adam and Eve.

Portrait of Columbus.

Books on astronomy.

Portrait of Martin Luther's book.

Former Library.

The man turns a huge drum with shelves for books, catalogs.

The printing press in 1848


Modern typography, typesetting machine.

Go headlines "Folkisher" Beobachter ", article about Adolf Hitler.

The headlines about the war in France, march on Paris.

Reading room of the library, people read books.

The book Hitler's "Mein Kampf" in different languages.

Stamp Gutenberg

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