On the road to power. (1934)

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Reel №1

Fascist propaganda tape, praising the success of the economy and the rise of the people's welfare under Nazism.

The German worker for the machine, the scientist - microscope.

Employees in the office of the typewriters, engineers in the design office, the peasants in the fields.

Workers with shovels on construction.

These frames are contrasted images of unrest and anarchy in the period of the Weimar Republic.

Police thronging crowd on the street.


Workers dismantle the weapons and ammunition they were on the barricades.

Police officers on horseback.

The headlines of German newspapers on elections April 24, 1932.

People with propaganda posters on his chest, calling to vote for different parties: a list of number 4 - for the Communists, the Social Democrats.

Riots, lying dead teenager.

The impoverished working-class family, a man feeding baby porridge.

Unemployed at the stock exchange.

Driving reduce domestic product.

Vessels in port, naval vessels destroyed, the debris at the docks.

Robert Ley delivers a speech on the National Socialist Party.

He led the "Action Committee for the Protection of German Labor" and subject to all the unions.

It starts growing prosperity.

On the way, marching men with shovels, workers go to the factory.

Work on the construction of roads.

The shipyard building the ship goes.

Work blast furnaces.

The organization "Strength through Joy" enables workers to relax at the resorts of the country and travel to other countries.

Farewell to train young people.

Bathing in the sea, the mountains rise.

Species native wildlife from the train windows.

The ship "St.

Louis" sail on a journey to exotic countries.

Workers with shovels in the ranks, they march.

The workers go to the factory bikes.

Leigh called for work for the common good.

Labour Front Emblem.

Folk Festival.

People in traditional costumes danced around the pole with the May wreath with ribbons.

Folk festivals.

Goering's speech on the German Wehrmacht.

The troops in the ranks on the area around them, Hitler, Field Marshal Mackensen.

Barring Germany after the results of the 1st World War, the growth of arms and armies.

Instead of these tanks models used for the exercise.

Map of Europe 1930, around Germany symbols of other countries armies.

Soviet tanks T-149 on the Red Square, in the field.

Tests of tanks in the field, steep descents, travel through the river, through the obstacles.

Teachings of tanks and cavalry.

The Gunners have guns, smoke from the explosions.

Top view of the field with the aircraft.

Planes in the air bombing on the area.

Ships at sea.

Goring says about the Führer.

Hitler takes the parade, the soldiers are going, seamen, galloping cavalry rides horse artillery, mechanized artillery, motorcyclists, tanks.

German soldiers marching down the street, residents welcomed them.

A military band on horseback.

Sailors in formation in dress uniform on the deck.

German squadron in the sea.

Goring says about the Luftwaffe planes.

Flying Squadron.

On the field, there is a set of aircraft, the release of aircraft of various brands.

Old news: the famous pilots of the time of the 1st World War.

Oswald Böhlke, he and other Innemanom posing in aircraft, Bёlke funeral.

The modern German aircraft.

Hering at the airport, talking to the pilots.

Goering and Hitler in the Reichstag.

Hitler opens onto a balcony, the people welcomed the Fuhrer, pulls hands.

Past the balcony soldiers marching with torches in their hands.

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