City before and now. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Verner Bure /Werner Buhre/

Operators: Kurt Shtanke

Reel №1


City Bayreuth.

Medieval buildings, domes of churches.

On a narrow street passes cart with two horses.

Front of the house with a statue of a lion.

At porch sitting girls, play, run past malchishki.

PNRM. on tiled rooftops, the pipes.

Margrave Castle of the 17th century.

On the front of the arms, the bas-reliefs on the walls, the busts of gods and goddesses.

Portrait of Margravine Wilhelmine of Bayreuth in the hall of the palace.

Municipal Theatre, built in 1748.

The three-storey building, on the edge of standing sculpture.

The door opens, a view of the stage with a curtain.

The curtain rises, decoration grand halls.

The auditorium, lodge.

Royal Lodge, a modern inscription, which is held two aengela "Frederick and Wilhelmina established a theater in 1748."


Urban Housing, traffic, carriage rides, there sits a couple.

A pointer to the park "Hermitage".

Park, pavilions, fountains.

The minister shows the pair building.

He sits an old man looking at the fountain, he has a vision: to run up two fountain court of honor.

Various fountains Park beat jet, creating different compositions.

Again, the vision of ancient life: Two ladies and a gentleman with a dog playing by the fountain

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Reel №2


Gallery to the palace.

The alley walking people.

Pantomime in ancient costumes: in a secluded corner of the park meets a couple, they notice on the master and escape balcony.

Bute jet fountains.

Palace Park and the palace.

In the pond swans.

Sculptures in the park.

The suite of rooms of the palace interior, paintings, views of the park.

Equestrian monument to King.

In more recent times, Bayreuth became a provincial town.

To a new life city awakens Richard Wagner, who lived and worked here.

The house where the composer lived, bust in front of the house.

The interiors of rooms, portraits, a library, a piano composer.

Bust Wagner, tombstone


Modern Bayreuth, views of the city.

Long barracks building type, design banners with swastikas.

leave the military out of the building.

On the square in front of the house lined troops are trucks.

City view from afar

Key words

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