Little Goose is quite large. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Ernst Gyunter Paris /Ernst Gunter Paris/

Operators: G.O.Shuljce

Reel №1


Game scene from ancient life in 1756.

A man in a wig, sits at a table, eating goose leg, drinking wine from a glass, writing with a quill pen.

Night forest, trees reflected in the water.

Monument to the soldier in the three-cornered hat, sword in hand.

Caption: Frederick the Great with gratitude to Neu Trebbin, 1901


City Neu Trebbin - geese breeding center in Germany.

Geese go to the pond, swim.

Woman holding a goose in her arms, he pecks grain.

Geese are walking along the street of the town.

Goes van with geese.

Transportation of geese on the train.

A gentleman in a jacket at a table writing.

Modern man at the typewriter.

Gus - the symbol of the city of Neu-Trebbin.

Suitable train vugruzka geese of the cars.

They are loaded into the machine, bring the farm.

Geese are eating grass on the field.

Huge haystack, men throw hay on it sitting geese.

Fences - cells for geese on the farm

Key words

Germany, theaters, monuments, men, forest Germany, city, transport, women, agriculture

Reel №2


Preparation of feed for geese from potatoes, corn, beets, and oat.

All of this is ground in cars pours into korytta and distributed geese.

Women pluck geese.

Treatment of down and feather machine.

Woman trying on a hat in the mirror with a quill pen.

Shelves with carcasses of geese.

Applications for the carcass by telephone, telegraph, mail.

Geese packed in boxes, weighed, driven by machines.

Cook bake in a baking goose with apples in the restaurant kitchen.

Shop window with a bird.

Some of the carcasses, delicacies from the goose.

The restaurant, the waiters are dishes with a goose.

Community lunch for kids at Christmas with geese.

On the wall hangs a portrait of Hitler

Key words

Germany, women, food, fashion, sale, celebration, restaurant, kids, photo, communication, household appliances, food industry, agriculture