Treasure box. (1939)

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Director: Fridrih Viljgeljm Kempe /Friedrich Wihelm Kempe/

Operators: Ervin Shmyuker

Reel №1


Culture flax and hemp in Germany.

Peasant of the spinning wheel, spinning linen yarn.

Male Grooming loom.

Weaving mill, working machines, the production of fabrics.

Field of hemp.

The decrease in the production of raw materials / hemp / Germany.

In 1978, 133,000 hectares were treated in 1900 - 34,000 hectares, in 1914 - 15,000 hectares, in 1920 - 51000ga.

After the Treaty of Versailles in 1932 - 4500 hectares, in 1938 - 55,000 hectares, in 1939 - 58,000 hectares.

Campaigning for the good cultivation of the land, the grain cleaning and weed control, fertilization.

Multskhema plant growth

Key words

Germany, peasants, women, household appliances, light industry, Plants

Reel №2


Plow plow land.

Various agricultural equipment horse-drawn: harrow, seeder, etc..

Chemical and natural fertilizers.

Weeding hoes crops manually.

Work at the experimental sowing area.

Research and agronomic laboratory.

Various esperimenty with hemp

Key words

Germany, agriculture, machinery, household, research, laboratory, science

Reel №3


Cleaning of flax and hemp.

Students clean linen.

Rides on the field mower with a pair of horses.

Girls gather flax stems laid on the ground.

Machine method of harvesting flax.

Men put the poles in a tent, set them stalks of flax and hemp.

Haystacks on the field.

The export of raw materials on carts in the machining shop

Key words

Germany, agriculture, children, women, household appliances, domestic animals, light industry

Reel №4


Tereblenie hemp, scratching, pressing, seed sorting, going to the oil.

Flushing konopelnyh stems, drying, cleaning fibers, twisted into bundles.

Compact car in tow.

Bales with tow driven to the warehouse.

Installation of short shots: women spun yarn, the man of the house loom, harvesting in the field, the production of fabrics in a factory.

Marching soldiers Wehrmacht artillery horse-drawn.

Cleaning of flax and hemp in the field

Key words

Germany, peasants, agriculture, women, household appliances, light industry, domestic animals, soldiers, artillery, plants