The Royal Air Force. (1938)

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Reel №1


Hands open atlas on a map of England.

At the rocky coast of the ancient fortress at Dover.

Thick walls, battlements, look at that doulas guns.

Man with two boys on the beach tell them about the history


One-flight school near Dover.

A squadron of planes in the sky.

At the airport pilots marching order.

Students come from books.

Aircraft Factory, is the assembly of aircraft, work and young adults.

Students in the classroom, the pilots of the plane.

Teacher shows the details of the aircraft.

Boys wear helmets, run to the aircraft in the form of a parachute.

The school building, coat of arms.

Students in service, involved in military training with weapons.

Flag Raising.

Students are sent to the school building


A typical room cadet.

A student wears a holster shape, looks in the mirror and on the photo of a girl on the desk, smiling.

Together with friends, he goes to school.

Large library except books on military affairs and history of literature.

On the calendar October.

Theoretical training of cadets in the audience in mathematics.


Shooting at targets.

Cover of the book: "The war in the air."

Classes on the dynamics.

On the calendar February.

Ongoing study.

June, cadets learn the motor in theory and in practice.

Students in the shape of the aircraft, the flight with isntruktorom, planting, cadet instructor praises.

Cadets marching on the square in front of the school orchestra.

Students watching the results of the final exams, Coburn is happy results.

On Coburn tunic sewn emblem of the RAF, he puts on his cap.

Students say goodbye to the school go

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Reel №2


Conscripts on physical examination, the results of the inspection sheet with boys.

Conscripts still in civilian clothes marching team of officers.

The officer goes down the line, adjusts his clothes conscript.

Aerodrome, is a group of pilots, they listen to the instructor at the plane.

Blind flights on the model of the aircraft.

Young pilot in instrument panel in the cockpit layout.

Arrival at the airport begin training flights.

The pilots wear parachutes fly several planes simultaneously.

Flying in the clouds, landing.

Contact by phone air.

Execution of acrobatic elements.

Study precision bombing of the dive.

The airplane torpedo flying over the sea, torpedoing the "enemy" ship, blasting home layout on the land.

Story pilots marching in arms.

The squadron sky

Key words

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