Science breaks new ground. (1940 - 1949)

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Director: Martin Rikli /Martin Rikli/

Operators: Kurt Shtanke

Reel №1


Production of synthetic materials for the production.

Work in scientific laboratories issledovaelskih.

Mining: work in the mine, with ore moving conveyor.

Man pours gasoline into the tank of the machine, put on the hood of the spare wheel.

The field is sown.

The river fly logs.

PNRM. on paper bales.

In the printing of newspapers is.

Moves fiber machines, the finished cloth


Speech Goering about the importance of science.

Scientists in the laboratory produce material testing.

Production of aluminum and magnesium.

Ore mining, smelting metal.

The use of aluminum and magnesium in aircraft: Flying German planes.

Racing cars at the start.

Various objects made of aluminum.

Production of the "poor" of iron ore.

Melting metal in the shop.

Processing slag to extract zinc, manganese, and other metals.

The production of new synthetic materials: carbonyl, formalin and others.

Production of plastic molds

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Reel №2


Plastics for manufacture of shells phone fans.

Cellulose materials and products thereof.

Tests on vehicle stability.

The car rolls down the hill, flipped.

The man opens the car door, looking inside.

The tester pulls out of the water gun, gun case made of synthetic material.

glass fiber production for the industry.

Loom, fabrics from new materials.

Production of insulators in the electrical industry.

Studies of fish protein, laboratory experiments.

Material made of fish protein.

The fiber in the hands of the fabric fibers.

Scientists for the experiments.

Industrial landscape

Key words

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