Nuremberg - the city party szdov. (1937)

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Director: Kurt Rupli /Kurt Rupli/

Operators: Kurt Shtanke

Reel №1


Nuremberg - the city where the congresses of the German Social-Socialist Party.

Different parts of the city.

The buildings of ancient architecture.

The detachment of Hitler Youth with backpacks are sent to the city for sightseeing.

Guys near the ancient fortress, looking at the river from the old bridge.

Houses on the waterfront.

Old warehouses, located on the upper floors, loads them deliver the tackle, lifting up.

Movement on the river, bridges, types of banks.

The boys go to the ancient city gate, sent to the old home, where their hostel is located.

On the morning of the guys on the team vskakivvayut out of bed, ran to wash. breakfast


Royal palace, its interiors, portraits of emperors, the Audience Hall.

Ancient tower, city view from the lookout tower.

The street riding horse and cart, loaded baskets.

The area named Hitler.

City Hall, inside and out.


The card file at the town hall, lots of cabinets with drawers for cards.

The man pulls out a card with perforation, fast information search


Camps near Nuremberg Hitler Youth.

Huge trucks brought here everything you need.

Built tent city, stands the device houses for girls.

Hotel for diplomats and distinguished guests.

The room where always otstanavlivalsya Hitler.

The restaurant in the hotel, the tables ladies and gentlemen.

The kitchen of the restaurant, the waiters are suitable for the meals, spread them on the table.

Conference hall.

Ride buses with guests.

The police are preparing to raid.

Different old restaurants and cafes.

In the city, street cafes, the tables are people.

Women talk, they were talking to a policeman at another table.

The cook bears a tray with cakes bags, woman buys him one.

Baking cakes and gingerbread in the form of hearts, gingerbread decoration.

Children's toys made in Nuremberg: dolls, cars, tanks, etc.


The city is decorated with Nazi symbols, flags.

Before Hitler Youth units acts officer.

The street marching troops of the Wehrmacht.

Hitler at the banners, the mayor welcomed the Fuhrer.

Strpelyayut gun.

Hitler with Himmler bearers bypass operation.

On the square are lined up troops soldiers parade in front of Hitler.

Speech before Hitler Youth in 1936.

Play buglers.

Hitler laid the construction of a large stadium, a speech, making a symbolic hammer blows to the plate.

Marching troops, Hitler smiling.

Go RAD teams with shovels.

The movement of troops on the street, heard the cries of citizens welcome.

Hall Museum, showcases exhibits.

Signs of royal power: the scepter, scepter, crown.

Portrait of Kaiser, sword in hand.

Marching with the standard of the fascist troops

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Reel №2


Nurseries and garden in the city.

Babies sitting in cribs, they are watched by a nanny.

Motels for adults.

Sport activities in the resort.

Medical Center, X-ray room.

Pension for the elderly.

People in a restaurant drinking beer.

New houses for workers.

City zoo, deer on the lawn by the pond storks, white and brown bears from the reservoir, the Tigers.

Masonic Museum.

Skeletons, skulls and other artifacts of the Masonic cult.


The Opera House, the stage is the opera.

The interiors of the theater foyer, stage

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