German Wachau. (1936)

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Director: Hajnc Viljchek /Heicz Wilczek/

Operators: Adi Mejer, Gans Bessl

Reel №1


Town of Wachau on the Danube.

The ruins of an ancient castle on a hill.

Peyzpzhi countryside, forest in the morning mist, the view of the river from a height.

Along the path are two women in traditional costumes, they go down the steps carved into the rock to the village.

For the fortress is the girls squad.

On the Danube sailing boat.

Street in the town, the old cathedral.

Forms of the Danube River in motion.

Church of St.

Michael on the shore, the cemetery at the church.

The massive walls of the old house, on the top rope to the cart raise hay.

Window, retracted patterned grille, the girl watering flowers.

The boat on the river continues its way.

Vine terraces on the mountain slopes, farmers cultivate the soil, cut off the stems.

The basket is placed fertilizer and on the back are the terraces, fertilize the soil.

Hang bunches of grapes.

The cellar with barrels of wine, a man picking up a barrel of wine with a special cup with a straw, tasting it.

Holiday in the town on the occasion of the grape harvest.

Playing folk orchestra, the coast is approaching a large boat with elegant peasants.

Boys and girls are turned into homogeneous dance.

Men are engaged in the construction of large boats and barges.

Descent barges on the water.

Rise up barges on the Danube with the help of horses.

On the shore there are tourists tent, breakfast around the campfire.

Walking along the Danube in canoes.

City Turmshtayn-smallest city Ostmarka.

Fortress and church in the city.

City Kirhshtayn, street driven hay on the wagon, a wheelbarrow, a woman carries hay on his back.

In the city, tourists go.

Forged signboard with the shoe cobbler at home.

Church Baroque sculptures on the facade, the church altar.

City of Krems, view from the river.

Floating boat.

Types of shores, sounds folk song.

Twilight on the Danube

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