Total wire. (1939)

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Director: G.O.Shuljce, Gans Vinshes /H.O.Schulze, Hans Winshes/

Reel №1


The story of the telephone and telegraph.

Poles with wires.

Telegraph, the employee receives a visitor, she prints the text of the telegram, according to his station.

Alarms by telegraph and telephone.

Man runs to the phone booth, call a doctor.

Telephone exchange, the girls at work.

Combined frames of telephone conversations.

A call to the police station, the police leave.

Man calling on the phone in the store to the fire department, according to the fire.

Check the machine into place.

Damage to the transmission line.

A fallen pillar torn wires.

Repairmen working.

The building of mail in the office is a meeting on the cable routing.

Work is proceeding according to plan.

Truck with materials and equipment comes to the workplace.

The wizard verifies the signalers equipment.

Signalman wears the belt, cat climbs a pole, reel spins porcelain.

Precautions when repairing telegraph line.

Signalman, not ensure safety, falls from the post, received an electric shock.

The boy is watching the work of communicators, from the post fall pliers, almost hit a child.

Master sets the sign of danger.

Workers digging a hole for the pole, set it

Key words

Germany, communications, repair work, post office, police, fire, women, children, workers

Reel №2


Card file folders typical accidents in the repair of telegraph lines.

Dramatization of different cases.

Workers at the stake, the fitter does not pay attention to the danger sign, connect the wires and get an electric shock.

Second case: the worker climbs a pole to stagger and fall at work.

Another worker strengthens post special pin.

The third case.

Two signalers on a pole fixed wire, suddenly detached the wire touches the working eye, he gets injured

Key words

Germany, communication, work, accidents

Reel №3


Several workers are going to carry the post, one of them, he does not get to the shoulder, the master change their places.

Post thrown to the ground, with one of the workers fall under it.

At the command of the senior workers carefully lower pole with one hand.

Two workers have to repair the wire at the house.

Work takes lying near a ladder, climbs up and falls with rotten stupnki.

Runs second worker carries a ladder that brings metal and effortlessly lifted her.

Two workers, arrived at the place, left the truck on the rails, talk and do not notice vious trains, rail car knocks

Key words

Germany, maintenance work, work, accidents, railroad

Reel №4


Go down the street passers-by.

Workers pull the wire from the roof of one house to another.

Work not lightly fasten belt and almost fell off the roof.

Passers-by watched with dismay hanging work by gripping the ledge.

Comrades, help him climb on the roof, is carried out in the premises of the neighboring cafes, bandaged arm was treated Scratched person.

The master requires a response from the workers why the accident occurred, said safety precautions.

Lecture on safety in the audience for the workers.

Poles with transmission lines

Key words

Germany, workers, communication, accidents