Poznan City built. (1939)

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Director: Kurt Rupli /Kurt Rupli/

Operators: Iozef Shtreher


The film was shot with natsialisticheskoy, pro-German point of view, proving affiliation Germany Poznan. The landscapes in the vicinity of Poznan, plowed farmland, river. In the meadow sheep graze. View Poznan, silhouettes of cathedrals and buildings. Three men consider the ancient manuscripts and books about the German past these places. Town Hall in the Renaissance style of 13-16 centuries., The interiors of the town hall, ornaments, paintings, columns, arches. The architecture of the buildings and churches of the city. in the style of Tower Baroque Duomo. Antique paintings by German artists, a knight in armor. Johannes-Kirche Church. Martin-Kirche, City Hall, the church and the Jesuits others. Gothic church. Fortifications Poznan. Portraits Kaisers, including Clausewitz. Memorial plaque on the Hindenburg. Chronicle: Hindenburg in the office of a general from the map. Manor Hindenburg in Poznan, Hindenburg books in the library. The library building in the classical style. Buildings on the Wilhelmstrasse, gallery building with a dome. Traffic. Construction of buildings for the workers on the outskirts of Poznan. Working ship stones

Reel №1

Key words

Poland, city attractions, Gos.uchrezhdeniya, literature, museum, church, architecture, cathedral, library, personalities, painters, construction workers, monuments, castle, buildings

Reel №2

Poznan plan reconstruction.

Model construction of buildings in the town hall.

Ancient houses on the street, fountains with sculptures.

Sculptures are using new technology to work on sculptures.

The artist draws on nature.

The layout of scenery for the play.

The theater is staging the opera.

In the courtyard of the ballet school band plays, girls dance in a circle.

Atelier, where women work.

Workshops, in which girls are trained at the University of needlework.

Joiners, girls of old looms in the laboratory.

Experimental field with crops.


The work in the factories.

Plan for road construction in Poznan.

By train There is a train.

Movement along the river.

Port, are handling.

Restoration work in the city, the tower in the woods.

At the end of the announcer talks about Posen / Poznan so-called German way / as a city of German culture

Key words

Poland, city, churches, fountains, sculptures, artists, school, ballet, woman, band, craft, laboratory, construction, port, restoration, culture