Ever-becoming. (1943)

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Director: Otto Trippelj /Otto Trippel/

Reel №1


Cloudy sky.

The wind bends the branches of trees, snow falling from the branches.

There are the first flowers of spring, flowing streams.

Carried torrent, passing in quiet river traffic.

On the river float court.

Types of beaches, the castle with turrets, the town.

Blooming trees.

Beetle burrows into the flower.

Mare and foal grazing in the grass, jumping goats.

Dog drinks from a bowl near a cat with kittens.

Geese are next to a goat.

Rooster perched on the hearth, uritsa with chickens.

As the stream floating ducks, swans.

Snail crawling on the stalk of the plant.

Meadow with flowers, girls making wreaths.

Girl collects cherry blossoms.

Children drink water near the speakers.

Children go to school with backpacks behind.

Troop Hitler Youth marches across the bridge.

An ancient castle on the hill, she looks at him, sitting on a rock.

A shepherd with a flock of sheep.

The boy cowherd plays the flute.

Fawn nibbling leaves.

Owl on a branch, different birds.

Squirrel jumps on branches.

A herd of deer in the woods.

Girl collects flowers.

Butterflies flutter over the flowers.

At the side of the road stands a crucifix.

Lake View, is a lonely birch.

Along the river are the court.

Sunset on the river.

Sand dunes near the sea shore.

Boats fishing out at sea.

Waves lap the shore.

Wave "sea" of wheat.

The church standing in a field

Key words

Germany, natural phenomena, insects, water transport, river, lake, birds, plants, children, school, the Hitler Youth, castle, forest, animals, the sea, the fishermen, the church

Reel №2


The expanses of the peasant fields, haystacks are.

Peasant sharpening his scythe.

German farmers for the harvest.

Women knit stalks into sheaves, stacked in the stack.

Rides a cart with hay.

road carriage, drawn by two horses traveling on the old bridge.

City View, wagon rides along the street.

Clock tower.

Source with a fountain, the woman gathers water in a jug.

The mill with a water wheel.

A woman takes baked bread out of the oven.

Fields with poppy seeds, sunflower.

In the forest there is an old woman with a bundle of firewood.

The sun illuminates the cobwebs between the branches.

The wind bends the grass.

On the trees the leaves fall off, they fall into the water, swim.

Bare trees in autumn.

Near the old tree two old men sitting on the bench.

The village returns flock.

PNRM. in mountainous terrain.

Peasant's house, the old lady sitting in a room, on the floor rocking cradle with a baby.

Cloudy sky

Key words

Germany, peasants, women, children, the elderly, the city, the bridge, pets, fountain, plants, food,