Nature - defender of the struggle for existence. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Uljrih K.T.Shuljc,Voljfram Yunhans

Operators: Paulj Krien,Bernhard Yuppe

Reel №1


Fitch lack mouse-vole, dragged into the hole.

ferret fight with a cobra, he defeats the snake.

In the steppe race antelopes, buffalo.

Mountain goats.

Zebra graze.

Cancer underwater.

As algae crawling crab.

Fight of two beetles.

Protection of various animals from attacking other animals.

Hedgehog attacks beetle, flips it and eats.

Crawling tortoise on a stone, sits on a stone owl attacking a turtle, but she did not get out of the shell.

A small lizard on a rock


Protecting plants from attack.

Cactus spines bites into the finger.

Dog barks at the porcupine, who also publishes the threatening sounds, needles do not allow the dog to attack him.

The dog runs around a hedgehog, pushes it with the stone into the water, swims hedgehog.

Underwater shooting.

Swim fish.

Big fish small enough.

The caterpillar eats leaf.

Chickens in the yard cock.

Ants snail surround and attack her.

Scarab beetle pushes back a lump of earth.

The hen pecks skorbeya.

Fighting toads and snakes


insect mimicry.

Butterfly merges with the stone color.

In almost indistinguishable branch caterpillar beetle on a leaf.

Flying birds in the sky.

Animals and insects take refuge from the cold in winter.

Men rake snow in the woods, on a sheet thrown clod of earth, from it begins to disperse the insects hidden in it.

The turtle comes out of the water, it buries itself in the sand.

Snail hiding in the sink.

Ants make stocks for the winter, pulling ears, grains, needles.

Gopher digs a hole in the sand, stores supplies.

Rodents in zmney hibernation.

Bat in suspended animation on the wall of the cave

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