With us on the sunny south. (1938)

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Reel №1


Lifebuoy with the name "St Louis" vessel.

Organization K.D.F ./ "Strength through Joy" / holds tourist flights for workers.

The steamer goes to the flight, mourners waving their hands, played by an orchestra.

The ship in the sea, twilight.

The couple at the side lyubutsya sea.

In the morning, tourists lined up on the deck with the company.

The rise of the Nazi flag, pulling all the Nazi salute.

Captains and officers salute.

On the mast raise boxes.

People relax on the deck, sunbathing on the loungers, play various action games.

Humorous ceremony with the team dressed up in costumes of Neptune and his retinue go for orchestra


The ship is coming to Lisbon, Portugal, view of the city from the sea.

Tourists are greeted with an orchestra.

The coastal fortress.

Streets on top.

The architecture of the city's buildings.

Equestrian monument in front of the palace.


Arch connecting the center with the street plschad Augusta.

It is decorated with reliefs and statues of famous people.

View of the streets and squares of the stele on top, making a circle tram.

The ship continued to journey.

Work rest play.

The workers are the dancers with Tyrolean dance

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Reel №2


Island View Maider from the sea, hilly coast of the island.

The capital of Madeira Funchal.

Tourists are transported ashore in a boat.

Vessels in port.

The fortress on the shore.

The workers make a tour around the city.

German women try to talk with the local women.

Tourists walk past thickets of huge cacti.

They travel around the city by car, and ride on the local "taxi", a small platform on wheels, which is driven by a man.

Wagon on bulls, which is also designed for travel.

Masters weave baskets of twigs on the street.

These baskets are then different loads on their shoulders, on yokes.

The steep streets of the city.

Local children, adults say goodbye to the tourists.

Tourists try local wines in the restaurant, sing.

Again they ship.

Launch flares.

Twilight on the sea.

At the end of a small diagram of the workers travel to Madeira, Africa, Italy, Greece by organizing K.D.F. In 1936 they attended 8,000 workers in 1937, 32,500 in 1938, 70,000

Key words

Germany, workers, tour, tourists, transport, water, city, sports, entertainment, people, women, port, plants, pets and children