Ao! Allo!. (1933)

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Director: Gans Rihter /Hans Richter/

Operators: Moniot

Reel №1


Film Review in different countries.

On the pavement bridge drip rain drops poured puddles.

The water reflected the trees.

It takes a man with an umbrella.

On the drain water flows.

In the room the woman playing the piano is too loud and out of tune.

A man stops his ears, the woman closes the window.

The fat man lays on the solitaire table.

Little girl sitting on the floor and has a plate with a spoon.

Mother robs girls spoon, she was crying.

The woman knits and yawns.

Toldstyak see on the map instead of the ladies face yawning wife, instead of the king, his face.

The yawning family from fat falling cards dealt snoring


Bicycle racing in Paris in the rain.

A male fan shouted, windows open on its screaming.

A man enters the room, turns on the radio.

Bicycle racing continues.

Along the way the crowd of fans.

Family sobiraeitsya in radio.

The announcer at the microphone.

People listen to the radio in different languages.

Installation of different viewing themes.

Girls gymnastics, under the blows of the gong moving in a circle.

Gymnast performs exercises.

Sultan among the military.

Girl in white uniform perform exercises.

The man at the table with documents, listening to the radio.

The announcer at the microphone



Professor Piccard ascends in a balloon.

B arometr shows the rain.

Waitress veiled tables of street cafes skatertityami puts a tray of dishes.

The announcer talks about the weather.

Woman on the street takes a linen rope.

People under umbrellas on a pier escorted steamer.

Man deafening sneeze.

Work telephone operator at the station, people hand picks up the phone



Descent ocean liner "Normandie".

The priest blesses the ceremony on board a broken champagne bottle, sounds "La Marseillaise."

The French newspaper dated October 7, 1933, reported on the start-up of "Normandy"

United States, Washington.

President Roosevelt speaking at a rally in front of the people




Speech by Lloyd George to the people




The arrival of the British Prime Minister James Ramsay MacDonald in Italy.

Mussolini to build military awaits the guest.

MacDonald goes down with the ship ladder, he meets Mussolini.

Speech by Mussolini from the rostrum.

Girl playing, listening to the radio




The arrival of Pope Pius X1 on the opening of the Vatican's radio station.

He gets out of the car, he kissed her hand.

Dad on the radio with Marconi, speaking before a microphone.

Marconi kisses his hand.

The woman is baptized


radio program.

News from around the world.

England, Coventry.

The Rise of British aircraft.

Title Italian "Radio Corriere" newspaper.

Auto racing in the snow.

Spain Madrid.

Bullfighting, bullfighters kill the bull, the horse dragged CDF with arches

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Reel №2



Parade, decorated with moving models of the platform on which a girl soldiers.

Women in traditional clothes with girls.

On the river floats a raft with people in national costumes, they throw confetti.

On the square is lit a huge bonfire, burned an effigy.

Galloping horsemen.

Hand twist the radio knob



London theater building.

Variety Program, the girls perform the cancan.

Pop room, dancing woman with two vanes



Eiffel Tower on a background of clouds.

Female singer


London Children's Choir performance. "The world's radio program."

tobacco advertising




Sonja Hennie at the World Figure Skating Championships in Helsberge.

From the Arc de Triomphe marching soldiers.

Sonja Hennie on the ice in the Berlin Sports-Palast.

Darius Mila performs on the piano own composition.

The concert of French music, an orchestra under control of Radio Valpota. "Military March" by Saint-Saens and the overture from "Black Domino" Auber.

The famous fountain bryusselssky "Mannequin Piece" / "Manneken Pis" /.

Darius Mila plays the piano


Holland, Amsterdam, view of the mountain top.

The orchestra performs music from Weber's "Oberon".

A patient with a bandaged throat listening to the radio




View of the river, the bridge.

Radio Budapest, announcer in the studio.

The orchestra in traditional costumes performing folk melodies and a fragment from an opera by Strauss "Silva"



Theater "Scala Milano", the scene of Verdi's "Macbeth".

The room, the family at the table, a woman feeding the baby, all listening to the radio.

Couple going to the theater.

The auditorium, on the stage of an excerpt from the play to the crowd scenes.

Speaks French speaker.

Man gets gramophone, puts the record.

Climb the stairs postman, from the door hear different sounds.

Sounds "Evening Bells", vengresky czardas song.

Postman invited to enter.

In the studio the artist draws a Woman nature.

Speech by Professor Piccard radio

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Reel №3

Germany Berlin.

The magazine "Radio", the title of "new novel" Purgatory "Eric Herman Buss".

Photos processions fascists banners with swastikas

Sweden, Stockholm.

Fragments of ice hockey between teams of Canada and Sweden.

Radio Toulouse.

Message on the International regatta in Cannes, yachts on the water.

Amserdam football match.

Police Skotlan Yard



Rowing competitions on the eights on the Thames, Trafalgar kayaks float under the bridge

France, Paris, cycling.

The barber shaves a man, the master of massaging woman


Bilbao, Steep Chaz, steeplechase.

Large national competition in St.

Moritz, ski jumping, falling.

French radio magazine cover with a portrait of the actor Marcel Vittrisha as King


Amsterdam, running 100 meters hurdles at the stadium.

New York.

Police rush on motorcycles for a criminal in a car through the city.

offender car crashed into a tree.

The various ballroom dances: tango, foxtrot.

Dancing comic pair.

Fishermen go out to a night flight.

Watches with sculptural composition, shapes discourage time the bell.

Map of Europe, the spread of radio stations.

The phrase in English: "My life is richer with radio"

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