Sheep in the General Government. (1943)

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Director: Valjter Aljthof /Walter Althoff/

Reel №1


Comparison of the ratio of the number of sheep in Poland in 1939 and 1943, respectively, 6 and 18.4. Processing of sheep's wool at the factory.

Polish woman in national costume from sheep's wool.

Milker milks SVA, drains milk into the bucket.

Farmers demonstrate sheep at the fair.

Areas in livestock.

Different breeds of sheep and their indicators for wool, meat.


Grazing flock of sheep, sheep with lambs.


A herd of mountain pastures.


Key words

Germany, light industry, women, peasants, fair, livestock, domestic animals

Reel №2


Farmers keep sheep on the site.

The Commission checks the quality indicators.

Experts examine the muzzle, ears, fur.

On the neck of the sheep tag strengthen inspection results.

Construction of pens for sheep types Ovcharov: brick, wood.

Primetivnaya Sheepfold of logs.

Plan osvremennoy sheepfold at 200 years.

A man shows the settings of various devices into the fold.

Dimensions creches

Key words

Germany, farmers, farm, pet, construction

Reel №3


Dimensions trough for water and for miniralnoy salts.

Various equipment: buckets, baskets, spades, forks, rakes, a machine for grinding feed, scales, crowbar, tables for different purposes.

Feeding hay sheep.

Sheep grazing in the meadow.

Ovchar cleans nursery, lays hay and forage pours out of the basket.

Sheep drinking water near the well.

The sheep put out to pasture, the flock is distilled in the mountains.

Prevention of diseases in sheep.

Inspection sheep veterinarian treatment.

Guard dogs to herd: German shepherds, poodles, retrievers.

Facilities for dogs.

Sheep mating, taking delivery.

Caring for newborn lambs

Key words

Germany, farm, animals domestic, mountain medicine