plant gardens. (1942)

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Director: Enzis Tipans /Ansis Tipans/

Operators: Aleksandr Shtanke

Reel №1


PNRM. Riga cathedral silhouettes rooftops.

The view from the height of the yard-well.

The poor quarters of the city in the mud and debris.

Dirty children play on rubbish heaps.

Janitor sweeps the street.

In the yard playing the organ-grinder.

From the house comes a woman with a bucket and poured the slops onto the pavement.

At the window in the basement room sits a woman, knits, boy peeps out of the window.

The mother of the girl at the doctor, he examines the child and speaks of the need to air the light of the sun, vitamins.

Display normal good conditions for children.

Children bathe in the lake, swinging on a swing in the garden.

Mother t grated fruit, gives the child.

Bread Butter, puts the fish.

Still life with vegetables on a wall in the gardens grow cherries, currants, cherries, raspberries and other fruits and berries.

Girl eats raspberries and drinks milk.

Children eating strawberries.

Harvesting potatoes.

Sale of fresh vegetables in the market.

Woman sells sauerkraut.

Patients with scurvy.

Mother with baby at the doctor.

Physician woman conducts classes for nurses.

Fresh food in the hospital.

Children eating in the school cafeteria.

Dining at the sanatorium.

Cafe by the lake, tables with visitors, they eat fruits and vegetables.

Children eat in kindergarten.

The summer camp youth.

Girls gymnastics, sports.

Picnic on the grass with vegetables and fruits.

Boy in the garden with his grandfather.

Winter forest, roofs of houses in the snow.

Garden in the spring, after frost some trees die.

Dead tree, uprooted, put in its place a new seedling.


Harvest vegetables, cabbage plantation.

Apple orchard.

Women treated with bushes.

Greenhouses for vegetables

Key words

Latvia, garden, children, medicine, food, woman, lake, entertainment, music, old people, young people, market, trade, sport, plants, forest, people

Reel №2


In greenhouses grow cucumbers, tomatoes, berries collected in the basket.

Grandfather and grandson in the garden, sowing seeds, planting radishes, pour fertilizer.

Grafting trees.

Experimental field, she takes notes.

In laboratory tests carried out plants.

In the library you can find books about plants, listen to the radio.

The audience held a lecture about apples.

Different varieties of apples.

Apples on Christmas tree


The village comes agronomist, shows models of the family orchards.

Gardens in the farm.

A man removes the hay in the barn.

The family sits at the table.

In the garden a couple of runs through the trees.

Blooming garden.

Apiary, bee on a flower.

Farmer shows guys agricultural pests.

Cabbage worms.

Diseases cherries, apple.

Useful birds feeding on insects and worms.

Pest control, spraying of plants.

The farmer saw off diseased branches, glosses over slices resin.

Go agricultural work

Key words

Latvia, garden, elderly people, plants, science, test, laboratory, library, radio Latvia, garden, farmers, agriculture, plants, family, bees, insects, birds, young