The green heart of Germany (rail track between north and south). (1936)

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Director: Viljgeljm Marcan /Wilhelm Marzahn/

Operators: Valjter Brandes

Reel №1


Types of Thuringia train.

Mountain forests, waterfalls.

In the forest covered wagon rides.

Against the backdrop of the mountains is a freight train.

Namburg City, its streets, its cathedral.

Map of railways, multskhema way from north to south: Berlin-Namburg Grosskheringen-Jena-Saalfelden-Lichtenfels-Nuremberg-Munich.

The train goes along the river bank.

On the hill is visible ancient tower.

City of Jena.

Old street, ending in the town hall, in front of her statue of the Margrave Johann, sword in hand.

The clock on the town hall with moving figures.

Glassworks in Jena, glassblowers work.

The glass poured into the mold, blow molded large bottle.

The train continues to the town of Cala pu.

Porcelain Factory in the city, making tarlok, dishes and other tableware items.

Baked products in the furnace is packed.

Saalfelden, views of the city.

Tomb of Louis-Ferdinand, NDP. on the monument.

Memorial plaque birth in the city of Prince Louis of Y-10 October 1806.


Gothic church in the city.

Industrial district in the city of Gera, smokes a plurality of tubes.

The dam and the power plant on the river.

Quarries where the mined slate, cranes work.

Rybochie layered on the tiles are dumped their

Key words

Germany, city, railway, river, cathedral, sightseeing, sculpture, industry, monuments, monarchs, mine, machinery, household, dam, power station

Reel №2


The path on the map Grosskheringena through Weimar, Erfurt, Arnstadt, Oberhof, Grimmental in Stuttgart.

Types of Weimar on the banks of the River Ilm.

Ancient churches, palaces and houses of 16-18 centuries.


Museum of Johann Wolfgang Goethe, a garden house, a house.

Model of the first British locomotive.

Modern German high-speed train.

City Erfrut.

Gothic cathedral ensemble of 12-15 centuries., Church Severikirche 13-14 centuries.

In the greenhouses of the city grow flowers for sale.

The fields of cabbage.

Cleaning cauliflower, loading into wagons.

City Arnstadt, views of the city, the church.

at Market Square.

The train moves through a tunnel in the mountains, arriving in Oberhof.

View of the golf course, the fat beats the bat on the ball.

City Meiningen.

The theater building, the facade with columns.

PNRM. around town.

Town Hall.

Fountain in the center of the square.

Eisfeld City, home to national patterns.

The bust of the poet and writer Otto Ludwig, house-museum.

City of Coburg, a medieval fortress on the hill of the bridge leading to the gate tower

Key words

Germany, the city, attractions, river, church, museum, cathedral, flowers, sale, bazaar, plants, food, sports, railway, bridge, fountain, monuments, sculptures, fortress