Rails and soldiers. (1939)

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Director: Klausius, Gottshalk, Klejn, Lyuddeke, Myuller-Hillebrand /Clausius, Gottschalk, Klein, Luddecke, Muller-Hillebrand/

Reel №1


A documentary about the work of the German railway transport during World War 2.

The film includes scenes of the game, telling about the fact that the German railway workers sent to work in the occupation areas of the Sudetenland and Poland.

Passengers pass through a turnstile, show tickets.

Views of Prague.

Map of Europe with Czechoslovakia in the center.

German express train departs from Vienna through Czechoslovakia to Germany, to the point of Oppeln.

The train passes by stations Hrusov, Nastupishte.

Crush at the station, the passengers enter and exit the cars.

Customs point Tamozhnik check documents.

Travel on the territory of Czechoslovakia, the passengers in the car, outside the industrial landscape.

At Czech Railways huge bunker, hedgehogs, defensive ssoruzheniya.

Arrival in Oppeln


Archive of the German railways.

Photographing locomotives of different designs.

The first train of the newest high-speed locomotive leaves the depot, bottom view of the passing locomotive.

Frankfurt am Main, the depot goes locomotive.


Bus German railway passes pochtampa building, the passengers on the bus


September 1939, the beginning of the war.

The crowds in the streets, fascists in the crowd.

People pulling his hands in a Nazi salute, is meeting in Belin.

By rail are compounds with guns, tanks, trucks, wagons with coal trains with soldiers

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Reel №2


The railway exhibition in Berlin, the exhibition artifacts, model locomotives, model ended with tanks, with wood platform.

Trucks driven metal supports for the construction of electrified section of Halle-Nuremberg railway.

Rally in honor of the opening portion.

Nazi symbols, transporant swastika.

Prefect Kleiman comes out of the car.

Departure of the train, it goes through mountainous terrain.

Berlin, officials headed by the Reich Minister of Railways Dorpmyullerom descend on the new station "Anhalter", an orchestra of railwaymen.

Minister Meisner presents Dorpmyulleru Order of the day of his 70th birthday, an award list


Broken Polish locomotives, twisted rails, stations debris.

Broken locomotives sent to Berlin for repair.

To the east are the compositions with troops, armaments.

Warsaw Central Railway Station, the NDP in German and Polish.

Postal bus is unloading mail.

Destroyed bridge over the Vistula.

The crossing by ferry across the river.

On the way are captured Polish soldiers.

Sanitary Train, German soldiers are wounded in the car.

The bridge is a train.

The train Polish Volksdeutsche sit down with bags.

The soldier sweeps platform


Women zheleznodorozhnitsy, replacing sent to work in the occupied area of ​​men.

They learn to railway professions.

Locomotive plant, workflows are assembled locomotives.

The train departs from the station, railway wagons, they were waving flags with swastikas.

Winter landscape in the eastern regions.

Truck stuck in the snow.

The train swept snow drifts.

Cleanup of the railway line from the snow with the help of the local population.

The train is moving in the snow

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