Peace hunting with a camera for color smki. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Uljrih K.T.Shuljc /Ulrich K.T.Schultz/

Operators: Valjter Suhner

Reel №1


PNRM. through the woods, meadows with grass and flowers.

Under the warm rays of spring sun make their trips a family of wild boars.

Black and striped boar with cubs looking for food.

Wrestle two pig.

Toddlers suck mother.

Flowering trees, bugs crawling on a branch.

Lan with calves graze grass.

Elk taking a bath in a small lake in the woods.

Calf eats leaves.

Summer meadow covered with elegant carpet of flowers.

At the forest lake beavers build their homes.

Reeds in the water.

Dive on the nest incubating the eggs, one after another.

A herd of deer grazing in the forest.

Close up of young deer antlers still covered with hair.

Blooming lupines.

Deer lying in a puddle.

Birds fearlessly sit on the deer's back.

The nest screaming chicks whose parents feed them

Key words

Germany, forest, flowers, plants, animals, birds, plants, insects, lake

Reel №2


Nests in the tree.

Chicks opened his beak.

Kites in the nest with chicks.

PNRM. through the forest, the mountains.

Fawns in the forest.

Pronghorn sheep and calves.

Field of sunflowers.

The trees large nests of storks can be seen, the birds fly, sit in the nest.

On the ground strode on long legs herons.

Fishing boats at the shore.

In a clearing grow a lot of fly agaric.

Moose with calves graze grass.

Moose scratching antlers on a tree.

Squirrel running through the branches, to collect supplies winter.

On the forest meadow herd of deer led by their leader.

Shouts leader reindeer.

He breaks the branches of spruce horns.

Trees dropping your outfit is leaf

Key words

Germany, forest, mountains, birds, animals, plants, natural phenomena