Horses in the mountains. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Viljgeljm Priger /Wilhelm Prager/

Operators: Erih Shmidke

Reel №1


The city of Salzburg, the view of the castle on the hill.

The street goes stroller, it sits a couple, they are visiting the city, talk to the cab driver.

On the facade of the building murals with images of horses.

Fountain, horse sculpture.

From the stable output horse.

Carriage rides with a man on the street.

Children run.

Comes bus, a man meets a professor who arrives at the stud farm.

The show breeds of horses, close-up different parts of the body.

Horses heavyweight driven cart with bags up the hill.

Professor kretyansky enters the house.

Graze horses, professor examines them.

Alpine Mountain horses in the pasture.

The inscription on the gate stud farm: "Enastfahlenhof", where the breed bred heavyweight horses "Horiker".

Horses run through the bridge, the horses at the watering.

Riders riding horses chain, next hold the reins of the second horse.

Professor at the horse pasture.

Tyrol, the home of the German mountain horse "Haflingers".

Professor comes to see this breed

Key words

Germany, city, hobbies, fountain, sculpture, farm, mountain, testing, bridge

Reel №2


Girl in Tyrolean dress on a horse stands on top of a mountain, loud prints Tyrol melody descends to the village.

She was going to meet a horse older woman.

The young man-horse herdsman returns to the village, welcomed the girl.

Together with the horses they cross the fast mountain river.

Grazing herd of horses with foals.

Two horses rubbing against each other snouts.

Tabunschitsa girl chases a herd of mountain.

Horses in the mountains in winter are on the snow.

Summer in the city on the street horse carry different loads.

Horses with baggage up the mountain.

Parade in the city on horseback with banners in national costumes

Key words

Germany, mountains, women, youth, hobbies, river, celebrations, natural phenomena, Gos.simvolika