Sources zhimnennoy force. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Vera Kleve/Wera Cleve/

Operators: Anton Hafner, Klaus Bindevaljd

Reel №1


Motels in Travemünde, Oberammergau, Lüneburg steppes and other places in Germany.

Girls run the snake around the bushes, doing gymnastic exercises.

Young men and women exercising with balls, with clubs, ropes.

Summer camp of the Hitler Youth in the Ore Mountains.

Near the house, hanging a flag with a swastika.

Pension, internal view, a large hall, in the corners of tables with chairs, dining room, living room, bedroom.

Medical room, vacationers strolling along the paths of the park.

Sanatorium Kurgarsen house.

Vacationers at the sea, people bathe, sunbathe.

Children play in the sand.

Young people involved in sports.

Sanatorium in Mekleburge women with children.

"Augustabad" Sanatorium.

Sailboats on the water, a pair of rowing in the boat.

A group of girls up the trail up the hill.

The resort in the mountains, young people playing ball

Key words

Germany, the resort, the Hitler Youth, Sea, smort, vacation, sailboats, children Gos.simvolika, women, mountains, park

Reel №2


The girls run to the pool, take a shower, then jump into the water, roll down the hill into the water.

The young men in the ranks on the line, the flag rise.

Summer camp of the Hitler Youth.

Boys running order.

The children involved in sports on air, they tumble, being moved each other in a circle hands lead the ball on the line, and then run into the house, take a shower.

Lunch in the dining room.

Bedroom children.

Relax on the loungers in the air.

Training in the gym.

Paramilitary class guys.

They learn how to throw grenades, running, performing the barriers and shields.

Another resort.

Ran girls with skipping ropes, with hoops, balls, gymnastics, running down to the river.

The girls go to a large elegantly decorated cart, stop, run to sit in the lawn grass.

One of the girls girlfriends reading a book

Key words

Germany, Hitler Youth, Recreation, Gos.simvolika, sports, leisure, teaching, literature