Your forest. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Iogannee Hojssler/Johannes Haussler/

Reel №1


Deciduous forest, spider web on the branches.

Morning in the forest.

Forester goes through ferns.

At the pond goes fallow.

On the water lilies blossomed.

On a sheet of water lilies chick sitting.

Fawn grazing on the lawn.

Owl sitting on a tree.

In the forest there is an elderly woman with a bundle of firewood.

Woodman passes by children who gather berries on the meadow.

A herd of wild boars looking for food.

Posters Fire in the forest.

Fire watchtower.

In a forest fire occurs.

Animals can smell smoke, squirrel, deer sniffs the air.

He runs a herd of deer.

Forester on the tower saw smoke rings to the headquarters.

Check the fire brigade.

Peep chicks in the nest, animals escape from a fire.

Telephone exchange, calls are heard

Key words

Germany, forest, plants, flowers, children, birds, animals, women, the elderly, fire, forest, fire protection, communication, propaganda

Reel №2


Telephone exchange, connection with the staff.

Gather fire brigade.

Men are snapping up shovels.

Combatants in a sling with a swastika.

Collect a voluntary fire brigade in the city.

On the site of the fire trucks leave with fire.

Arriving at the place, signalers pull wires, establish a connection.

Firefighters on motorcycles, bicycles, fleeing soldiers.

Ditch the seat of the fire, people cut down dangerous trees.

View from a height on a forest fire.

Fire liquidated, place ,, conflagration charred stumps and trees.

PNRM. forests.

Call: "Defend the German forest!"

Key words

Germany, forest, fire, fire protection, household appliances, communications, Gos.simvolika, the volunteers, the city, the soldiers, transport, promotion