Down the Danube. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1


The nose is a small vessel with a raised anchor, it goes along the Danube in its middle and lower reaches.

Captain raises flag on the mast, waving his cap, to shore waving a handkerchief in response girl.

The capital of Hungary, Budapest, seen the city, architectural monuments.

National Museum of the 19th century.

The old bridge with sculptures, a sculpture of a lion.

The traffic among passers military helmet.

Monument to the fallen in the 1 World War 1914-1918.

Stella, sculpture.

The Royal Palace, the fortress of 13-17 centuries.

Pointed towers, arched galleries, Chimera on the corners of the roof.

View of the Cathedral from the observation deck


Bridge over the Danube.

Hungarian steppe-Pashto.

Grazing herd of horses.

Horses at the well with the crane.

Breeders in national costumes on horseback.

A herd of galloping through the mud.

Face herdsman.

Herd of buffalo, sheep in the pens.

Shepherd in a fur cloak near the herd.

The landscapes along the river.

On the Danube is of floating mill, a spinning wheel.

Passenger ship "Uranus" is coming to town Mohács.

By the shore of the Moors steam on it with loads of carts and horses.

On the waterfront go carts.

Local people, an old man in a high fur hat.

Piazza, is a brisk sale of poultry: chickens, ducks, chickens.

Grown chickens run out into the yard of the premises.

On the shore of dried network of fishermen.

Night work in the port, a man running with wheelbarrows.

The ship stoker throws coal into the furnace.

The vessel is placed a tube to pass under the bridge

The capital of Yugoslavia, Belgrade.

Ancient fortress, a cross on the tower.

The woman with the girl at the zoo watching a high bridge over Bear fuss.

A man walks along the bridge to the fortress gates.


Advertising films have kinotetara.

A man carries on his shoulders the stairs, the street patrol marches of 4 soldiers.

Couple bear the basket on the beam.

The Royal Palace, the sentry on duty.

House 18-19 centuries in the Balkan-style architecture.

The street riding a cart drawn by two oxen.


Sculpture boys, stopping the horse.

On Mount Avala remains of Roman fortifications.

The steep banks of the river.

At the water on the shore of a cow, a horse.

floating geese

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Reel №2


A man driving a switch of geese.

The caravan of barges on the river, movement under the multi-storey bridge.

The ruins of an ancient fortress.

On the stone eagle perched.

PNRM. the fortress from the river.

From the water stick some cliffs.

The rapids on the Danube, turbulent flow.

Rock Babacan.


The fauna in the mountains of cleft leaves lynx, fox, two potter in the rocks.

Adekale Island, inhabited by Turks.

The boat floats man in a fez.

The mosque in the town.

Cafe "Mocca" tables in the air, the waiter pours from a pitcher rock hands visitor.

Turk in national costumes, old Turk


City east type of Silistra on the border of Romania and Bulgaria.

Mosque on the bank.

Men in turbans near the carts with rolled carpets.


The street wheels a cart drawn by a donkey, a man standing rules.

Travel past the homes of the poor.

The house is a woman with a spindle in the hands, spinning yarn.

Go to the woman's burqa, but with open faces.

Children on the street, old men smoking pipes thoughtfully.

Merchant bagels fended them from flies.

Street Cafe


Twilight on the river, the ship sails and the Romanian city of Braila port.

They stand trial, a village on stilts.

On the river float boats, woman rowing oar.

On the tube nest with storks, two males fighting.

Locals for fishing. .

Huge carp fishermen dragging their hand baskets of fish.

The fish is poured from a barrel.

Big sailboat in the mouth of the Danube.

The fishermen catch dolphins, seagulls flying over the water.

The lighthouse on the shore

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